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Profiting from Volatility: Cashing in on Modern Markets
By: Lehman, Richard

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Item #: 16464347
Minutes: 76
Publisher: Marketplace Books
ISBN: 16464347S1
Type: Video - Streaming
Publish Date : 3/22/2012
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Jacket Description:
Today's complex global relationships and fast-paced technological advancements have created a market environment unlike any seen or traded before. In highly volatile markets like those we have seen in recent years, the most skilled traders can bring in windfall profits while many others face catastrophic losses.

In this brand-new online video, thirty-year market veteran Richard Lehman examines the root causes of “market madness,” what causes volatility, and why it wreaks such havoc on traders.

But how can you gain control, protect your capital, lower risk, and profit from the madness?

Lehman will reveal the only security whose value is directly related to volatility; the single tool he has found in all his years of experience that enables success in volatile markets like these: options.

From strategies ranging from active call writing, put hedging , spreads, collars, and more, you'll discover more than 10 ways that options help you deal with volatile markets, including:

- Identifying the volatility on the underlying

- Understanding volatility as statistically defined—and how market makers use these statistics to quote options

- Hedging or even trading volatility itself

- Gaining the advantage of writing options in volatile markets rather than buying

You will find out why options are your best, and sometimes only, weapon against volatility.


Richard Lehman is the Founder of investment advisor RHL Capital and a Finance Instructor at UC Berkeley Extension. He also publishes a subscription newsletter called "The Channelist". His financial career spans more than thirty years beginning with an eleven-year stint on Wall Street with EF Hutton, Thomson McKinnon and the New York Stock Exchange.He is the author of New Insights on Covered Call Writing: The Powerful Technique that Lowers Risk and Enhances Returns in Stock Investing, which he wrote with Larry McMillan, Far From Random and his latest work, Options for Volatile Markets, was just released in August 2011.

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