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Ground-Breaking Band Indicators: Newly Discovered Tactics for Timing Profits
By: Vervoort, Sylvain

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Capturing Profit with Technical Analysis:...
by Vervoort, Sylvain

Bollinger bands are one of the most widely used technical indicators--and for good reason: they powerfully and clearly capture price action and reveal the market trend. Now, Sylvain Vervoort, best-selling author of Capturing Profit with Technical Analysis has harnessed the power of Bollinger bands in his brand-new money-making machine—The Band Break System. Traded automatically or manually, the Band Break System, or “BBS” for short, is a trend-following trading system designed specifically for trading today’s stock and Forex markets for major profits.

The concept behind is system is simple—that there exists a minimum reversal amount before you can assume a change in trend. With extensive backtesting, Vervoort has determined that exact amount and used it to develop signals to capitalize on short-term price reactions in all time frames. In this four-hour video course, Vervoort personally explains the ins and outs of his system to you, including:

• An exclusive chart template complete with the proprietary indicators needed to extract sizable, consistent profits from any market using BBS

• The complete trading manual with true test results and REAL examples of trades made with BBS

• BBS-specific guidelines for stock selection to make the most money possible with this system; plus risk and money management techniques to hold on to all your profits!

PLUS, all of the formulas to trade BBS automatically on your trading platform are included—this is a tremendous value available only through this course! Imagine setting up a few parameters and simply watching your trading account multiply—it is possible with the Band Break System!

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About the Author
Sylvain Vervoort started his professional career with a degree in electronics and has been studying and using technical analysis since 1978 with the birth of the European Option Exchange (EOE) in Amsterdam. After training to become an investment and credit advisor, he has since conducted many courses and presentations about technical analysis. His first book (Dutch-language only) on technical analysis was published in 2000. He is also the author of Capturing Profit with Technical Analysis. Since his retirement, he has been publishing articles in Stocks & Commodities magazine, trading short-term on stocks, E-mini futures, and Forex, and maintaining his website about trading based on the application of technical analysis.

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