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Mastering the Wyckoff Method: Simple Ways to Leverage Market Response
By: Dayton, Gary

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Item #: 16228712
Minutes: 82
Publisher: Marketplace Books
ISBN: 16228712S1
Type: Video - Streaming
Publish Date : 3/30/2012
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Jacket Description:
“The study of responses is one of the most valuable in the Tape Reader's education. It is an almost unerring guide to the technical position of the market.”

- Rollo Tape (a.k.a. Richard Wyckoff)

The ability to read the market by its own action is a skill many traders seek, because it gives a definite edge that few possess. Now, that edge can be yours with the careful guidance of professional psychologist and Wyckoff Method expert Dr. Gary Dayton.

Whether you use indicators or not, or are a swing, day, or position trader, he will introduce you to this time-tested method for effectively reading the market using only price bars and volume. Applying classic methods of chart analysis, you will learn how to read supply and demand bar-by-bar, as it unfolds on the chart. Dr. Dayton will show you several classic principles of the Wyckoff Method, including climactic action, tests, retracements indicating continuation of the trend, and the tell-tale signs that the trend is changing—all without a single indicator.

Through realistic, detailed applications of the Wyckoff Method, you will learn:

· What it takes to “get good”: develop skilled expertise and finally gain mastery of chart reading AND your trading, and
· Where the money-making setups occur within the overall structure of the market, and exclusive details of these high-odds trade setups to add to your trading plan
Harness the power of the Wyckoff Method, gain that elusive edge, and let it start working the market for you NOW!


Dr. Gary Dayton is one of the few trading educators to integrate technical trading skills with trading psychology. A Wyckoff expert, Dr. Dayton teaches the Wyckoff Method for reading the market by its own action. He is also a psychologist and has introduced the practice of mindfulness and high-value trading actions to the trading world, helping traders overcome the emotional challenges associated with trading.

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