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Introduction to Profiting from Candlesticks for Options
By: Nison, Steve

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Item #: 16203073
Minutes: 94
Publisher: Marketplace Books
ISBN: 16203073S1
Type: Video - Streaming
Publish Date : 3/6/2012
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Jacket Description:
Video Sneak Peek

From the 2011 Traders' Hall of Fame Award Winner comes this brand-new, totally digital, incredibly educational trading course.

For the very first time anywhere, Steve Nison, “the Father of Candlesticks,” combines his own time-tested candle techniques with the unique benefits of trading options to absolutely maximize your profit-making potential. This course is the first step in taking that leap into serious money-making trades, as it reveals the key to using candlesticks as the foundation for timing option trades. And as Steve will prove beyond a shadow of a doubt, timing is everything.

Now these are not new options strategies, but rather universally applicable tactics to use no matter the market or the time frame. It is the exclusive combination of Nison's favorite candlestick patterns to perfectly time leveraged option trades that makes this new approach so powerful.

Studying along with Steve Nison, you will soon be able to:
- read the force of the market move so you can get into a new trend before other traders see it
- employ “safety-first trading” tactics to trade high-priced markets with confident control over risk
- identify early reversal signals using pure price action to generate as much as twice the profit
- increase your trading confidence by easily combining candles with confirming indicators
- take your options trading to the next level while managing risk to protect your newly enhanced portfolio

Complete with “chart challenges” and detailed answers delivered in Steve Nison's entertaining and educational style, this video course hands you the most effective candlestick techniques applicable to any options market, including Forex, ETFs, and more.

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