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Controlling Fear and Greed: How to Reach Your Trading Goals
By: Pugliese, Fausto

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Item #: 15576995
Minutes: 97
Publisher: Marketplace Books
ISBN: 15576995S1
Type: Video - Streaming
Publish Date : 1/1/2012
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Video Sneak Peek

How do professional traders make more money than the rest of us? Do they receive some sort of special training that the average trader or investor lacks?

The answer is…well, yes!

Fortunately, the secret to achieving their special skills has now been revealed by Fausto Pugliese, the founder of Cyber Trading University and nine-time champion of the Traders' Expo Traders' Challenge.

In this new online video, Fausto will show you:
· the ONE THING that determines the difference between a successful trader and an account blow out (and how to get it)
· how to get the insider info that average traders do not even know about; the info that the pros depend on every day to make the big bucks
· the one trade you must NEVER make (because of it's 95% failure rate!)
· how to find the right stocks to trade—without caring what the company does, as long as they make YOU money

He will guide you step-by-step to complete control over your financial future with a systematic plan, complete with specific benchmarks and exactly how to hit them! You will learn how to evaluate income potential, and how to walk away from a loser.

You may have heard the acronym “KISS” for keeping things simple before, but Fausto literally hands you a complete checklist for buying and selling to use on every trade. You won't believe how simple raking in profits from the market can be—so start now!

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