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Insider Edge : How to Follow the Insiders for Windfall Profits
By: Cohen, Guy

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Item #: 13880465
Pages: 272
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Inc
ISBN: 1118245288
Type: Book - Hard Cover
Publish Date : 9/4/2012
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Bestselling trading author Guy Cohen introduces his proprietary OVI indicator to stock trading

More fortunes are made from trading stocks than any other financial instrument, and with just a little more information, the ceiling for success can be raised even higher. Presenting the methods used by the most knowledgeable traders in the market, The Insider Edge: Trading with the OVI Indicator for Windfall Profits uses options transaction data to show what informed traders are doing and how every trader can take advantage of these techniques.

Even though the markets are sometimes choppy, it's always worth waiting for a clear opportunity. With so many stocks to choose from, any good trader knows that they need an edge to get to the next level, and this book demonstrates how chart patterns, author Guy Cohen's proprietary OVI indicator, and a robust trading plan, when combined, will deliver success.

*Presents the tried and true methods the most informed traders use in a way that anyone working with stocks can implement to increase profit
*Shows how chart patterns + the OVI indicator + a trading plan = success
*Offers an online tool for finding stocks

Filled with information gleaned from the most successful stock traders, The Insider Edge introduces a proprietary indicator that, when used in conjunction with specific chart patterns and a trading plan, can help you excel in trading the markets.

About the Author
An innovator in financial trading, Guy Cohen is the creator and originator of the unique OVI Indicator, FlagTrader, and OptionEasy, among other trading tools. Guy is also an established bestselling author, commentator, and entertaining speaker on trading and the financial markets.

Guy specializes in trading stocks and options, with his hallmark user-friendly approach and liberal use of illustrations. His published work is complemented by pioneering breakthroughs in the areas of trading and technical indicators, especially the OVI. With Guy's market-tested innovations, you will find proven techniques to succeed, complemented by industry-leading customer service.

Guy earned an MBA in finance from Cass Business School, City University London.

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Table of Contents:
Preface vii
Acknowledgments xiii
Introduction 1
March 8, 2008 3
March 2008 5
March 2009 6
April 26, 2010 7
March 2011 8
Summer 2011 9
September 7, 2011 10
“Informed Trading” and the OVI 11
The Insider’s Rationale 12
Trading Breakouts 13
CHAPTER 1 The Most Popular Chart Patterns: Why Chart Patterns Are So Important 15
Price Bars 16
Support and Resistance 20
Trends 30
Flag Patterns and Consolidations 33
Head and Shoulders 43
Indicators 48
Learning Points 51
CHAPTER 2 The OVI: Guide to the Insiders:
Introduction to the OVI 53
What Is the OVI? 59
When to Use the OVI and When Not to Use It 64
The OVI with Stocks 78
Learning Points 105
CHAPTER 3 Flags and Channel Breakouts in
Detail: Focusing on the Patterns
That Work Best with the OVI 109
Bull Flags 110
Bear Flags 118
Flags with a Strong OVI Signal 127
Channel Breakouts 128
Setting the First Profit Target 134
Learning Points 146
CHAPTER 4 The Trading Plan: The Complete
Trading Plan 151
Order Types 153
The Trading Plan 155
Learning Points 214
CHAPTER 5 Putting It All Together 217
Summary of the OVI Trading Method 219
A Few More Examples 221
Action Steps 226
Summary of Tools for You to Use 239
Take the Next Step Now! 240
About the Author 241
Index 243

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