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Cash In Instead of Getting Crushed: New Market Patterns for Active Traders
By: Farley, Alan

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Item #: 12675091
Publisher: Marketplace Books
ISBN: 1592805043
Type: Video - DVD
Publish Date : 8/5/2011
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In today’s modern markets, advanced computer programs and sophisticated algorithms are playing an increasingly prominent role and changing the way that market participants interact. Traders who want to stay ahead of the game must learn how to adjust their skills and systems accordingly. In this brand-new, four-hour DVD course, market veteran Alan Farley of delivers all of the secrets necessary for carving out your place in today’s markets.

Farley has been an active trader for over a decade and has seen first-hand how the market’s constant evolution. He has developed his techniques and strategies so that they too can change with the market, ensuring that he never loses his footing and continues to gain profits. With "Getting Crushed: New Market Patterns for Active Traders," you can ensure that you do too.

In this two-disc trading education course, Farley discusses topics clearly, and goes into great detail to guarantee that you fully understand:

• the definitions and differences between traps, whipsaws, fakeouts, and failures so that you always understand what is at risk and how to secure your reward
• what patterns to focus on and how to easily recognize them, making sure you can profit in any market condition
• proportionality versus the angle of attack, and when to utilize each concept to gain the most return
• how to stay out of the markets when you need to and not risk your money when it isn’t necessary, limiting your losses and maximizing gains

For each topic covered, Farley includes real-time chart examples to clearly illustrate each pattern so that you can put every one of the concepts right to work. He clarifies the differences between various chart patterns, including cup and handle and v-shape patterns, as well as examples of major market obstacles and exhaustion events and how to react to lock in returns.

From author of the best-selling books "The Master Swing Trader" and "The Master Swing Trader Toolkit," Alan Farley delivers expertise and experience cultivated from years as an active trader that prepare anyone for the changes occurring in today’s markets.

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