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The MACD Paycheck: Simple Trading Laws for Extraordinary Wealth
By: Wheatley, Dale

This item is currently unavailable from the publisher.
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MACD is one of the most powerful indicators a trader can use, and few make it work as a profit machine as well as Dale Wheatley. In this brand new course, Dale brings you simple strategies to employ MACD that allow anyone to gain huge returns.

By combining MACD strategies with the basic laws of physics, Dale teaches you how to see movements even before they occur within the market. You will be able to recognize the forces at work and how they affect price movements, giving you unparalleled insight to predict market moves.

In The MACD Paycheck: Simple Trading Laws for Extraordinary Wealth, Dale will hand you will the knowledge and skills to successfully:

• determine how the news and media affect market moves; and when to ignore both…
• leverage your funds while limiting risk and maxing out your potential gains…
• determine the type of trader you are and design trades specifically built for your trading style…
• analyze moves over different time frames to pinpoint the best entry and exit points…

Dale shares his secrets to making huge percentage returns in less time, but that’s not all— he gives in-depth explanations of the charts and strategies he uses in his personal trades, even featuring actual results. No black box secrets here, this master teaches you how to get consistent, repeatable results by focusing on specific aspects of market moves, and how to zero in on the conditions you are looking for before making a trade.

With years of experience trading almost exclusively using the MACD, Dale is the go-to source for expert knowledge on how to profit from its extraordinary power. Now, The MACD Paycheck: Simple Trading Laws for Extraordinary Wealth brings Dale’s expertise and education to the comfort and convenience of your own home.

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