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The Systematic Trader: Maximizing Trading Systems and Money Management (PAL)
By: Stendahl, David

This item is currently unavailable from the publisher.
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Please Note: You have chosen the PAL version of this video. PAL is a European format for playing videos, as VHS is the format most widely used in the United States. Please be sure you have selected the format most fitting to your video cassette player. *The VHS version of this title is available under item #11339.

90 min video. Get ready for dramatic results! In this video, Stendahl shows you how to apply effective money, risk, and equity management strategies to improve your trading performance. Actual trading systems will be used to demonstrate both the methods and the high-impact results!

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Jacket Description:
Active traders expose themselves to a fair amount of risk. But, they also stand to reap bigger rewards-if they use solid, sound trading strategies and money management techniques.

Now, the high-powered techniques David Stendahl presents in this new video can help every trader trade better-and trade smarter. Youíll be amazed at how effective these techniques can be to your bottom line, and how simple they are to implement.

Stendahl covers:

- Developing and testing a trading system thatís right for you.
- Important risk/reward tools to properly evaluate trading situations.
- Winning strategies-from Maximum Adverse Excursion to Equity Curve Analysis.
- And the most effective proprietary money management strategies developed over time.

An online companion guide to this video can be viewed and printed from And, many of the principles outlined in video are also covered in Stendahlís best-selling book, Profit Strategies.

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