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Moving Averages Simplified
By: Droke, Clif; Droke, Cliff

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Item #: 12169
Pages: 129
Publisher: Marketplace Books
ISBN: 1883272661
Type: Book - Soft Cover
Publish Date : 3/1/2001
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For years, application of Moving Averages has helped many market "wizards" make more profitable trades. Now, every trader can gain a broader understanding of this powerful tool and get down to basics with "Moving Averages Simplified." Use the expertise of noted trader Clif Droke to ease all uncertainties, answer all the questions and remove the mystery when applying Moving Averages to your own trading. Learn to trade with single or double moving averages as well as how to use them to identify price cycles and support & resistance levels. Benefit from this step-by-step guide that takes you through every aspect of moving averages - easily.

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Jacket Description:
Successful traders know that using Moving Averages can result in more profitable trades -if applied properly. But, what are Moving Averages? When -and how- should they be used? Now, noted trader Clif Droke takes the mystery out of Moving Averages by explaining them in detail, describing how they can be employed to zero in on buy/sell signals that result in more profitable trades- more often.
Traders of every level will also discover how to:
--Calculate moving averages -including the Simple, Variable, and Exponential
--Use moving averages to identify price cycle bottoms
--Identify support and resistance levels with moving averages
--Spot trend changes with moving averages
Supported by numerous examples and charts that help visualize time- tested tips and techniques -you'll soon solve the simple "mystery" behind this incredibly powerful investment tool.

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Table of Contents:
Introduction 7
Chapter 1
The Essence of Moving Averages:
What Every Successful Trader Should Know 11
Chapter 2
The Benefits of Using Moving Averages:
Spotting Trend Changes and Trading Signals 17
Chapter 3
Trading With Single Moving Averages:
A Simple Strategy That Works 21
Chapter 4
Trading With Two Moving Averages: What They Are
and How to Use Them for High Impact Results 37
Chapter 5
Using Moving Averages to Identify Price Cycles:
An Important Tool to Discover Profitable Entry Points 51
Chapter 6
Principle of Threeness and Fourness: How Price Cycle
Repetition Creates Opportunities for Traders 59

Chapter 7
Using Moving Averages to Identify Support and Resistance Levels: A Key Tool to Capture Tops
and Bottoms 79
Conclusion 87
Appendix A
How to Calculate Moving Averages 91
Glossary 99
Trading Resource Guide 123 suggested Reading List 125 Internet Sites 128

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