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Fee-Only Financial Planning : How to Make It Work for You
By: Sestina, John E.

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Item #: 12055
Pages: 256
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0471388084
Type: Book - Hard Cover
Publish Date : 3/23/2001
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Start, and build, a successful fee-only financial planning business, using guidelines from the "grandfather" of fee-only planning. Shows how to start a practice, set fees, market your business, attract clients, and deal with other challenges in this rapidly growing, highly competitive field - now at a great savings.

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Jacket Description:
Fee-Only Financial Planning

Once available only to the very wealthy, professional financial planning is now essential to anyone who wants to make the most of his or her assets. The rapidly growing number of clients who request fee-only financial planning–rather than commission-based planning–has made fee-only planning the fastest growing segment in the entire financial services industry. This book is the definitive high-tech guide to establishing a profitable practice in this enormous, untapped market.

Fee-Only Financial Planning offers a wealth of resources for financial planners looking to make the successful transition to fee-only planning. Whether the goal is starting or expanding a practice, attracting clients, or setting appropriate fees, Fee-Only Financial Planning offers an unbeatable combination of practical how-to guide and easy-to-use reference.

In this clear, comprehensive text, author John Sestina, long acknowledged as the father of fee-only financial planning, provides an overview of the skills and values necessary for success, and the advantages–and disadvantages–of fee-only planning for both planner and client.

You’ll learn how to make the transition from "commission-based" to "fee-only," how to market yourself, how to structure your office for maximum productivity, and how to bring in a partner. Fee-Only Financial Planning also includes: *Six key questions for the would-be planner *Information on developing credentials, systematizing your workflow, and qualifying clients *Appendices including samples of a client questionnaire, documentation checklist, cash flow forecast, and personal goal summary *Examples of forms, including those for insurance, power of attorney, liabilities, and real estate interests

If you’re currently a financial planner wondering how to upgrade, or are simply curious about the latest financial trends, you can apply the knowledge from Fee-Only Financial Planning. It may be some of the most rewarding work you ever do.

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Table of Contents:


Overview of Financial Planning.

Advantages of Fee-Only Planning.

Disadvantages of Fee-Only Planning.

Making the Transition.

Succeeding with the Small Client.

Establishing a System.

Developing Client Relationships.

How to Market and Survive in a Fee-Only Practice.

Structuring Your Office for Maximum Productivity.

Bringing in a Partner.


Appendix A: Confidential Questionnaire.

Appendix B: Second Set of Forms Needed.

Appendix C: Sample Worksheets.

Appendix D: Implementation Checklist.

Appendix E: Third Set of Forms Needed.

Appendix F: Client Master.


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