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High Performance Options Trading : Option Volatility & Pricing Strategies
By: Yates, Leonard

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Item #: 1186710
Pages: 218
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0471323659
Type: Book - Hard Cover
Publish Date : 8/15/2003
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"This book is a must read for anyone interested in a sensibly based, analytical approach to options trading, whether you're a stock, futures or options trader," says option master Larry McMillan. Now - everyone can benefit from the straightforward approach and effective strategies OptionVue founder Len Yates has developed over decades of trading expertise. Master : - The language of options: Puts, calls time decay, expiration, exercise - and more - Option Strategies: single-option and multi-option spread strategies - Volatility, Special Situations, Option Pricing Models, Volatility models - and so much more. With so many option books on the market to choose from - pick the one real option experts are raving about. See why the CBOE's James Bittman says, "This is not a technician's white paper, but a thorough, accessible guide that illustrates how you can succeed in the options market."

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Jacket Description:
High Performance Options Trading offers a fresh perspective on trading options from a seasoned options trader programmer/engineer, Leonard Yates. Drawing on twenty-five years of experience as an options trader and software programmer, Yates has written this straightforward guide. First he provides readers with a solid foundation to trading options, including an introduction to basic options terminology, a thorough explanation on how options are traded, and specific trading strategies. Accompanied by the OptionVue Software CD, this hands-on guide to the options market is a thorough and essential resource for any trader looking to increase his or her practical knowledge of options.

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Table of Contents:
A Note From the Author.



The Language of Options.

Option Strategies.


The Option Trader's Arsenal.

Special Situations.

Theoretical and Practical Matters.

Tips for Beginners.


Starting the Business.

About the Author.

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“An expert on volatility trading, Len Yates applies the same practical approach to this book as he has to his highly regarded software. This is not a technician's white paper, but a thorough, accessible guide that uses his real-life trading history to fully illustrate how you can succeed in the options markets.”
Jim Bittman, Senior Instructor, CBOE's Options Institute, author of Trading Index Options
What's the surest route to achieving truly “high performance” options trading? Go directly to a “high performance” pro like Len Yates and his new bestselling book, “High Performance Options Trading: Option Volatility & Pricing Strategies.”

Trading options successfully requires good discipline and a keen knowledge of how these high-potential, but often complex markets, really work. The best source for gaining knowledge is from trading veterans - the “in-the-trenches” experts who have been through many market cycles and virtually any scenario you could imagine. No one fits the bill better than Len Yates, a master of options analytics and founder of the premiere options software, OptionVue Systems.
For over two decades Len Yates has helped bring options to the masses through the development of his ground breaking software. Now, in a brand new book, Len offers the same user friendly style and hands-on instruction to beginning and experienced option players alike. From the key concepts of option trading through the most essential volatility and pricing strategies, Len covers each step of the process in straight-forward, step-by-step terms. He reveals - for the first time to many - his highest achievements, his biggest disappointments, and the personal strategies he's honed and perfected over the years. Offering real-world examples, and in-depth insights, readers will be treated to ….
- A full overview of the “language of options” - puts, calls, time decay, exercise, assignment - and more
- Profitable Option Strategies - from single option strategies to multi-option spreads
- Volatility - from primary methods to more advanced tactics
- Optimizing Special Situations, Option pricing models, volatility models and other practical matters
- Plus - an entire chapter devoted to “tips for beginners” - which uncovers unique advice even the most experienced traders will find useful
A true mark of a valuable and respected options trading work are testimonials furnished by the most esteemed names in the business and - once again - Len Yate's new work is right on the mark. “Trader's Hal of Fame” winner Larry McMillan says,
“This book is a must-read for anyone interested in a sensibly based, analytical approach to options trading - whether you're a stock or a future options trader.” Len's work also received accolades from virtually every top name in the field including the CBOE's top trainer, Jim Bittman, David Krell, President of the International Securities Exchange and “Big Trends in Trading” author Price Headley.
Accompanied by an Option Vue Software CD, which allows you to apply what you're learning as you go, High Performance Option Trading is an essential resource for all traders looking to perfect their option trading skills - and boost their trading profits. Benefit from Len's years of options trading expertise by having a copy of his brand new work on your trading bookshelf.

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