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Trend Forecasting with Technical Analysis: Unleashing the Hidden Power of Intermarket Analysis to Beat the Market
By: Mendelsohn, Louis B

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Item #: 11836
Pages: 120
Publisher: Marketplace Books
ISBN: 1883272912
Type: Book - Soft Cover
Publish Date : 12/1/2000
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Market methods from the last century wonít work in this one and Louis Mendelsohnís breakthrough book takes technical analysis to a new level. Mendelsohn presents a comprehensive approach combining technical and intermarket analysis into one powerful framework for accurately forecasting trends. Youíll discover: Precise trading strategies that work for day & position traders; The limitations of traditional technical analysis methods; And how to accurately forecast moving averages using intermarket analysis and neural networks. Itís time for a fresh approach to technical analysis. Now, get the latest market timing and trend forecasting methods you need to profit consistently in the equity, options and futures markets.

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Jacket Description:
Market techniques that worked in the last century won't work in the current one. Now, Louis Mendelsohn's groundbreaking book takes technical analysis to the next level-giving today's traders all the tools needed to make more winning trades-more often.

Mendelsohn presents a comprehensive approach-combining technical and intermarket analysis into one powerful framework for accurately forecasting trends.

You'll also discover:

-Precise trading strategies that can be used by both day traders and position traders

-The limitations of traditional technical analysis methods

-How to use moving averages as a leading-not lagging-indicator by the application of networks to intermarket analysis.

PLUS-an introduction to VantagePoint Software and its amazing forecasting capabilities. This powerful software makes Mendelsohn's work simply-and effectively.

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Table of Contents:

Foreword 11

Preface 15

Introduction 17

Chapter 1
TRADING IN THE GLOBAL ECONOMY- Have Your Trading Strategies and Profits Kept Pace? 25
The Markets Are Constantly Evolving 26
The World's Futures and Equity Markets Are Linked 27
Emerging Forces Usher in the New Global Economy 29
Market Volatility and Financial Crises Are Here to Stay 31

Chapter 2
SINGLE-MARKET ANALYSIS-Trading With Tunnel Vision Can Put You on the Losing Side of a Trade 35
While Numbers Don't Lie, They Can Be Deceiving 36
The Goal Is to Forecast Market Trend Direction 36 You Can Play the Markets, or You Can Time the Markets 37 Technical Analysis Has Not Kept Pace With the Markets 38 Traders Need to Take Off Their Blinders 41

Chapter 3
INTERMARKET ANALYSIS-Seizing Trading Opportunities in a Shrinking World 45
Intermarket Analysis in the Equity and Commodity Markets 46
No Market Is Exempt From Globalization 49
Why Markets Converge or Diverge 50
Intennarket Dynamics Must Be Taken Into Consideration 51
Early Attempts at Intermarket Analysis Fall Short 51
Tracking Related Markets Pays Off 52
Full Field of Vision Is Critical 53
Intermarket Analysis: In the Right Place at the Right Time 56
The Only Thing Certain Is Uncertainty Itself 57

Chapter 4

Beats Trend Following and How Traders Can Profit 59
Moving Averages Are Lagging Indicators 60
Moving Averages Are Popular-But Something's Missing 62
Moving Average Crossovers Lead to Whipsaws 63
Computing a Simple Moving Average Is Easy 65
Displaced Moving Averages: Close But "No Cigar" 66
A New Way to Forecast Moving Averages 66
Leading Indicators Give You a Competitive Edge 69

Chapter 5

How to Get a Sneak Preview of Where the Markets Are
Going and Use This Information to Your Advantage 71
VantagePoint Monitors Major Financial Markets 71
Five Neural Networks Make Independent Forecasts 73
What VantagePoint's Daily Report Tells You 76
Intermarket Charts Show You What's Ahead 80
VantagePoint Is Quick and Easy 82
How to Find a Good Trade 83
Here's How to Get Added Confirmation 84
Day and Position Trading With Tomorrow's Price Forecasts 88
Stop Placement Based on Forecasts Not Hunches 89
Other Markets Give Added Confirmation 90
How To "Cherry-Pick" the Best Trades to Take 91

Chapter 6
NEURAL NETWORKS-How to Raise Your Financial IQ
to Stay Ahead of the Competition 93
Neutral Networks Combine Technical and Intermarket Data 94
Neutral Networks Lean Patterns and Make Forecasts 95

Chapter 7
THE NEXT HORIZON-Where Do We Go From Here and What Does This Mean for Traders? 99
There Will Never Be a Financial Crystal Ball 101

Trading Resource Guide 103

About the Author and Market Technologies Corporation 115

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By Louis B. Mendelsohn with Foreword by John Murphy
Every trader knows that trend forecasting and on-target timing are key factors in turning a higher percentage of trades into winners. But - absent a crystal ball - it's hard to master of the art of precision market timing. As Louis Mendelsohn notes in his powerful new book Trend Forecasting with Technical Analysis Ö

"It's no more possible to make 100% accurate forecasts of the financial markets than to get the Wall Street Journal one day in advance. Forecasting inherently involves mathematical probabilities, not certainty. However, a market forecast does not need to be perfect to tilt the odds in your favor."

In other words, if you can gain a larger percentage of accuracy in your trades, you will win more often than not - which is the key to long-term market success. Now, Mendelsohn's excellent new book shows investors exactly how to reach an astounding accuracy rate, by applying the techniques of technical analysis that he has honed to pure perfection over the years.

For decades, investors have made technical analysis methods part of their trading arsenal in the battle to predict market trends and precise entry and exit points. Nearly a decade ago, noted technician John Murphy made a landmark advancement in the field when he introduced the concept of Intermarket Analysis, which integrates analysis of all the world's financial markets, rather than staying with the single-market model that was the norm.

Now, VantagePoint software creator Louis Mendelsohn enters the new century with another new approach to technical analysis that addresses the rapid-fire changes in the trading markets, by combining technical and intermarket analysis into a powerful new framework for accurately forecasting trends.

Intermarket concepts first proposed by John Murphy over a decade ago are even more important to traders in today's markets, Mendelsohn contends. And - when combined with neural network analysis - his innovative concepts give traders just the tools they need to make more winning trades - more often. In fact, he boasts an accuracy rate of nearly 80% at forecasting market direction using the proprietary methods he reveals in Trend Forecasting with Technical Analysis.

For those who find the mere mention of "neural networks" intimidating, Trend Forecasting removes the "fear factor" by explaining how easy these concepts are to apply to the real world through the use of today's software tools including, but not limited to, Mendelsohn's own VantagePoint program.

Trend Forecasting also provides ...

- Precise trading strategies that can be used by both day traders and position traders.
- Background on the limitations of various traditional technical analysis methods.
- And detailed tips for using Intermarket Analysis, with the neural networks, to forecast moving averages and use them as leading, rather than lagging indicators.

With the markets rapidly changing, it's time for a fresh, new approach to using technical analysis, and Mendelsohn's book provides the latest market timing and trend forecasting strategies you need to profit consistently in the equity, options, and futures markets. As famed technician John Murphy notes, "Since I ...first described intermarket principles 10 years ago, I feel indebted to Mendelsohn for proving that those ideas do, in fact, work and can be profitably applied to the financial markets."

You should be aware, though, that Trend Forecasting does not provide an in-depth treatment of Intermarket and general Technical Analysis techniques, assuming the reader will have a working knowledge or familiarity with both. And more background on these concepts can be easily found in John Murphy's "Intermarket Technical Analysis" or Steve Achelis' "Technical Analysis A-Z, 2nd edition." However, Trend Forecasting clearly illustrates and supports Mr. Mendelsohn's contention that by blending the two together and applying Neural Networks and other analytical tools available to today's traders, any investor can change and improve their forecasting abilities to an amazing degree, simply and effectively. This compact yet powerful work will benefit every active trader and, as market technician extraordinaire John Murphy states, "many of the techniques described by Mendelsohn in this pioneering work will play an important role in helping to bring about those changes."

Trend Forecasting with Technical Analysis by Louis B. Mendelsohn Item # 11836

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