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Financial Freedom Through Electronic Day Trading 1st Edition
By: June, Brian; Tharp, Van K.

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Item #: 11661
Pages: 256
Publisher: McGraw Hill
ISBN: 0071362959
Type: Book - Hard Cover
Publish Date : 11/1/2000
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Financial Freedom Through Electronic Day Trading combines Van Tharp's mastery of trading psychology with Brian June's nuts-and-bolts expertise to give day traders the proven strategies and information they need to survive and succeed.

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Jacket Description:
Masterful Trading Advice and Insights­­from Two of Today's Day Trading Pioneers
More than ever before, a high-income career as a full-time trader is within your grasp. Financial Freedom Through Electronic Day Trading shows you how to do it­­without risking your savings or your sanity! This step-by-step short course on electronic day trading takes you through the nuts-and-bolts technical and strategic basics you need, then tackles the all-important psychological aspects of trading­­transforming you from an awkward, second-guessing novice into a confident, knowledgeable day trading master who knows how to turn market inefficiencies into fast, solid gains.
Noted trading coach Van K. Tharp and top-level trader Brian June combine their formidable knowledge and experience to give you:
--Proven market analysis techniques adapted to a day trading perspective
--Key tactical­­and mental­­components for developing your personal trading plan
--Below-the-radar methods to determine a market maker's position
Today's high-volume, high-profit markets are a formidable, but beatable, foe­­as long as you have the knowledge and wisdom to not beat yourself. Financial Freedom Through Electronic Day Trading gives you the trading tools and the psychological insights to control your emotions, master every market and trading environment, and knock hundreds of hours­­and thousands of dollars­­from your electronic trading learning curve.
"Our goal in writing this book is to show you another way..."
­­Van K. Tharp and Brian June
Every electronic day trader has access to the same technology and information for locating and locking in quick trading profits­­along with the same tired advice on how to use these tools. Financial Freedom Through Electronic Day Trading shows you how to master a third essential element­­trading psychology­­and discover how to gain the ultimate market edge.
While it gives you numerous examples of what to buy, when to sell, and why, this follow-up to Dr. Tharp's revolutionary Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom shifts the focus to using psychological preparedness and expectancy to gain the advantage. Based on the principle that there is no universal strategy that will work for all traders, this hands-on e-trading blueprint combines the latest techniques in business and trading success with established tenets of behavioral finance to detail:
--Broad-based strategic guidelines to help every trader, with specific trading tactics that can be tailored to fit any plan
--Chapter-ending Knowledge Keys and Calls to Action that summarize each chapter's messages­­and serve as a fast fingertip reference
--Recommendations for integrated hardware and software configurations
--Profitable uses of mechanical aspects from expectancy to position sizing
--Applications of NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP) to the science of trading
Financial Freedom Through Electronic Day Trading isn't out to dazzle you with arcane, elaborate facts and equations. Its only goal is to make you the best trader possible, in the shortest time possible. From Rmultiples, momentum patterns, and market maker tactics to market-making strategies, momentum strategies, and simulations, each of these intricate trading aspects is explained in straightforward, conversational style, easy to understand and apply.
Electronic day trading is the first great entrepreneurial opportunity of the tewnty-first century. But to be a successful electronic day trader, you must first have the knowledge to understand the markets and the wisdom to understand yourself. Financial Freedom Through Electronic Day Trading is the only book on today's crowded trader's bookshelf to give you knowledge and the wisdom to intuitively isolate fast-gain opportunities and grab the profits­­dramatically increasing the odds of success on every trade you make.

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Table of Contents:

Part One: How to Develop a "Laser-Guided Rocket" to Trading Success.

Chapter 1: The Journey to Trading Mastery.

Chapter 2: Prepare YOurself for Trading Heights.

Chapter 3: Design a Plan Even Goldman Sachs Might Envy.

Part Two: Putting the "Laser-Guided Rocket" Together.

Chapter 4: The Trader's Toolkit: Essential Secrets for Getting the Most from Your Hardware and Software.

Chapter 5: Understanding the Golden Rule of Trading - R Multiples and Expectancy.

Chapter 6: Position Sizing: The Key That Makes It All Work for You.

Chapter 7: Prelaunch Preparation - Your Daily Routine.

Part Three: Launching Your Trading Rocket.

Chapter 8: The Trading Day Liftoff: Navigating Trade by Trade.

Chapter 9: Market-Making Strategies.

Chapter 10: Momentum Strategies.

Part Four: Feedback and Maintenance.

Chapter 11: Common Mistakes Everyone Makes - And How You Can Avoid Them.

Chapter 12: Getting Feedback and Refining the Process.

Chapter 13: Peak Performance Trading - The Keys to Gaining Control of Your Trading.

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