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Option Trading Indicators and Patterns for Increasing Profits with Larry McMillan (DVD)
By: Mcmillan, Larry

This item is currently unavailable from the publisher.
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Too often, today's average investors simply don't know how to build better strategies for unpredictable market conditions. Join veteran market professional, Larry McMillan, as he illustrates in his most comprehensive seminar yet, how you too can recognize market “tricks” that fool even the best analysts! Devoted exclusively to the primary patterns and indicators that signal significant shifts in market sentiment, this new seminar is packed with fresh new strategies and techniques to help you reach maximum trading profits!

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Jacket Description:
Keeping an eye on key indicators and monitoring price patterns that trigger predictable market moves can lead to sustained trading success - whether you're an active options trader or basic stock investor. Now, “Trader's Hall of Fame Award” winner Larry McMillan extends his impressive mastery of the markets in a new video workshop devoted exclusively to the primary patterns and indicators that signal significant shifts in market sentiment, price movement, and other factors affecting precise entry and exit timing.

Packed with fresh new strategies and techniques, this 90-minute presentation reveals some of the newest and most effective methods McMillan has adopted to continue prospering even in the face of market uncertainty. With a full online support manual, this session cuts new ground and features a variety of indicators and pattern recognition methods for …

- Analyzing shifts in volatility to refine entry/exit points.
- Interpreting option price & volume data.
- Confirming when high volatility is worth buying.
- Providing key clues for stock buyers.
- Determining which work best as indicators - index options or puts & calls on individual stocks.
- Legging out - exit strategies for profitable straddle positions.
- Identifying “expensive” options - and the prime time to sell them.

From strategies for trading over/undervalued options, to precisely calculating put-call ratios - McMillan helps you recognize the principal indicators and patterns that lead to ongoing trading success. He uncovers all the “tricks” that can fool even the best analysts. Armed with his “hall of fame” secrets under your belt - stock and options traders alike will learn to reap maximum trading profits - time and again.

Online support manual is available at:

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