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Traders Guide to Technical Analysis
By: Hardy, C. Colburn

This item is currently unavailable from the publisher.
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Excellent reference outlining all technical approaches to market analysis. Covers Elliott Wave, Dow Theory, plotting & interpretation of charts, trendline analysis, forecasting, indicators, stops, moving averages and more.

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Jacket Description:
In easily understood language, this book
shows you how to use technical analysis to
decide when to buy and sell stocks, evaluate a stock's performance, and forecast probable long-term trends in the stock market.

Written for the average investor, the book
provides guidelines on how to apply the same
tools of technical analysis that the experts use to interpret what's happening on Wall Street. It explains exactly how to combine fundamentals and technical analysis in stock market trading in order to boost total annual return on your portfolio. It will prove especially valuable to everyone responsible for personal retirement plans, family resources, and children's inheritances - and it will also help registered
representatives who want to use technical
analysis to improve their timing when they buy and sell.

In these pages, you'll learn exactly how to use charts and other technical indicators to . . .

- Pick potential winners through the trends
of individual stocks, industry groups, and the
overall market
- Buy wisely - and at the right time - to gain
the biggest profits because there's increased
activity by institutional investors
- Make that toughest decision of all: when to
sell at a profit before the price peaks or before the stock drops sharply.
- Sell short in a bear market for a profit
- Deal in options for maximum rewards - and with minimum risks.

This practical, down-to-earth book uses case
histories to illustrate its points, establishing the
specific rules and firm discipline that are essential to stock market success. The glossary gives you the most complete, up-to-date explanations of terms now used in technical analysis - the only such glossary on the subject.
The bibliography is equally current, citing just those books that are readily available, easily understandable, and worthwhile.

If you want to . . .make your money make more money by enhancing gains and reducing losses avoid costly errors of judgment even with quality stocks know how to buy when the trend is up - and how to continue buying when the trend continues up ...this long-needed guide will give you new confidence in every investment decision you make. Written by an investor for investors, it gives you the essential tools of technical analysis to help you achieve profits in the stock market that are far better than average. No other book covers technical analysis so clearly and in such easy-to-understand language.

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Table of Contents:

Introduction By Edward D. Dobson
Acknowledgments ix
Disclaimer xi

ONE How Technical Analysis Can Boost Stock Market Profits 1
A Practical Tool 2
History of Technical Analysis 3
Technical versus Fundamental Analysis 3
Negatives of Technical Analysis 6
About This Guide 7

TWO Stock Market Theories and Their Use 9
Dow Theory 9
Elliot Wave Theory: For Long-Term
Forecasting 17

THREE How to Plot Charts 20
Point and Figure Charts 21
Bar Charts 24

FOUR How to Read a Chart 27

FIVE The Importance of Trendlines 30
What to Watch for in Trendlines 32
Long-Term Trends 34
Variations of Trendlines 34

SIX Chart Patterns: Plain and Fancy 36
The Reliable V Formation 37
Tops and Bottoms 39
Head & Shoulders: More Fun Than Profit 42
Flat Patterns 44
Triangles Are Tricky 45
Flags and Pennants 48
Gaps Can Point to Profits 49
Don't Get Caught in a Trap 51
50% Rule 52
Unfavorable Patterns 53
Breakouts Are Always Important 54
Using Hindsight 57

SEVEN Forecasting Indicators for Strategy and Tactics 58
Seasonal Forecasters 59
Best Times to Buy 61
Other Forecasting Tools 62
Short Interest: A Handy Predictor 66
London Stock Market Index 69

EIGHT Channels, Support and Resistance Levels and Consolidation Areas 71
Support and Resistance Levels 73
Consolidation Areas 77

NINE Checking the Financial Pages 79
Most Active Stocks: What Major Investors Are
Buying and Selling 79
Advance/Decline (A/D) Line 84
Highs and Lows 86

TEN Moving Averages for Signals, Evaluation and Trading 88
Uses of the MA 89
Special 200-Day Moving Average Ratio 92

ELEVEN Other Indicators: Good for Signals, Better for Confirmation 95
Short-Term Trading Guide 95
Barron's Confidence Index 96
Signs of a Market Top 98
Speculation Indices 99
Special Indicators 99
Composite Index 101
Volume and Velocity 102

TWELVE Watch What the Federal Reserve Board Is Doing 105
Definitive Indicators 107

THIRTEEN How a Brokerage Firm Reports Technical Data 109

FOURTEEN How to Find Winning Stocks 112
Check the Historical Pattern 116
Relative Strength Approach 118

FIFTEEN How to Use Technical Analysis to Time Selling 121
Successful Selling 122
Be Willing to Take a Small, Quick Loss 125
Summary 126

SIXTEEN How to Make Money in Bear Markets by Selling Short 128
Technique of Short Selling 129
Using Technical Indicators 129
Finding Stocks to Sell Short 130
Rules for Successful Short Selling 132

SEVENTEEN How to Use Stop Orders Successfully 135
Other Critical Points 137
Stop-Limit Orders 139

EIGHTEEN Technical Analysis and Options: Useful but Not Essential 141
Buying Options 142
Special Options Charts 143
Computerized Premium Returns 146

NINETEEN Technical Analysis with Commodities Futures Trading 147
Importance of a Speculator 148
Technical Indicators Aid Pyramiding 151
Point & Figure Chart of Commodities 152

TWENTY Technical Rules and Lore 155
Rules for Technical Analysis 155
Stock Market Lore 157

Glossary of Investment, Stock Market and Technical Terms 161

References 176

Index 181

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