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The Investor's Quotient: The Psychology of Successful Investing in Commodities & Stocks, 2nd Edition
By: Bernstein, Jacob; Jake, Bernstein,

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Item #: 11481
Pages: 290
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0471383627
Type: Book - Paperback
Publish Date : 5/3/2000
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The Investor's Quotient offers a complete and highly effective investment psychology regimen that puts traders on the road to consistent profits. Discover practical, proven techniques for sharpening perception; developing positive attitude and confidence; learning from failures; losing less on bad trades and making more on profitable ones and more.

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Table of Contents:
Partial table of contents:

My Story.

Many Markets--Many Similarities.

The Response Sector.

The Consequences of Behavior.

How to Rectify Trading Errors.

Scheduling and Self-Discipline.

The Importance of Trading with the Trend.

The Role of Advisory Services.

Is This You?

The Broker-Client Relationship.

Social Psychology and the Markets.

The Perceptual Factor.

Minimize Stress--Maximize Health and Profits.

Often-Asked Questions.

Sex and the Markets: Fact or Fantasy.

Creative Visualization and Guided Imagery.

Why Too Many Traders and Investors Lose.


Overview of "Trading Masters".


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