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High Probability Chart Reading with John Murphy (audio)
By: Murphy, John

This item is currently unavailable from the publisher.
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Recorded at the International OnlineTrading Expo 1A. (The Visual Trader) In this tutorial, renowned market technician John Murphy will discuss principals of technical analysis as they relate to online trading. Trendlines, moving averages, price gaps, reversal patterns and more will be presented for electronic traders

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Jacket Description:
Attention online traders, new and experienced alike. This brand new 90 minute presentation by the mastermind of technical analysis - John Murphy - brings together the most important aspects of technical analysis into one powerful tutorial.


- The price patterns he has found most reliable over time.
- Murphy’s favorite technical indicators including the moving average convergence/divergence
- The importance of using them in conjunction with one another
- And-full survey of the most vital aspects of technical analysis (moving averages, trend lines, percentage retracements, etc...)

Murphy also explains his pioneering work in the field of intermarket analysis-and how it can be used for explosive, reliable results in your own trading. Let the former CNBC host show you the ins and outs of trading using his real world examples. Makes an excellent companion to his most recent book, The Visual Investor.

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