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Profitable Patterns for Stock Trading
By: Pesavento, Larry

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Learn to trade profitably using fibonacci numbers. This handy guide will help you to understand how to effectively use these theories in your trading strategy. A must-have for anyone looking to profit from stock trading.

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Jacket Description:
From the Intrduction...

Over the past 20 years the use and misuse of the Fibonacci Summation series has proliferated to the point that commentators on the nation's TV business channels are now resident experts. I lay no claim to being an expert. I have, however, studied the subject of Fibonacci numbers extensively, especially how it relates to trading. I have always taken the pragmatic position that if I could not use what I was studying to help in trading, then I was not interested in pursuing it any further. If this material can stimulate your interest in the subject, then introducing you to the subject will have been worthwhile...

The pattern recognition methodology illustrated in the text will be of interest to anyone that has ever traded using technical charts. I can say with confidence that there are very few who have researched patterns to the extent I have. Some of the references date back to the early 1900s. Each of these patterns is based on ratio and proportion. A technical chart is nothing more than a road map with a price and time axis. These patterns repeat with a great deal of regularity. Some of my best students have been airline pilots. They seem to approach trading like they approach flying, following a flight plan. The similarities to trading are numerous.

Finally, one of my goals in writing this book is to expose you to the subject of ancient geometry. Fibonacci numbers are an integral part of the numbers that make up the subject of their origin in the cosmos. I will not spend a significant amount of time relating my experiences in astro-harmonics research. The subject is too vast for me to consider here. More importantly, it is not necessary for profitable trading.

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Table of Contents:
Introduction xi

Harmonic and Vibratory Numbers 1
Geometrics of a Price Chart 13
The Primary Patterns 21
Classical Chart Patterns Using Ratio and
Proportion 71
Bonus Pattern: The Butterfly 83
The Opening Price 89
Entry Techniques 97
It's Different This Time 103
The Non Random Nature of Chaos Theory 115

Appendices 133
I Description of the Gartley "222" Pattern 133
II Some Practical Tips on Cycles 150
III Some More Practical Tips on Cycles 155
IV Additional Reading 160

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