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Technical Analysis Simplified
By: Droke, Cliff

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Item #: 11087
Pages: 145
Publisher: Marketplace Books
ISBN: 1883272475
Type: Book - Soft Cover
Publish Date : 1/1/2000
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Here's a concise, easy reading manual for learning and implementing this invaluable investment tool. The author, a well-known technician and editor of several technical analysis newsletters, distills the most essential elements of technical analysis into a brief, easy to read volume.

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Jacket Description:
"A great primer covering all the technical analysis basics every active investor needs to know."
-Martin Pring, Martin Pring on Market Momentum

Finally-a concise, easy-to-read manual for learning and implementing this incredible investment tool.

Well-known technician and newsletter editor Clif Droke distills the most essential elements of technical analysis into one powerful volume. He covers all the basics, including...


As you move through the quick reading chapters you'll feel more confident in your ability to analyze and forecast price trends, thereby enabling you to make the most on-target investing choices.

The author, Clif Droke, explains how the technic analysis of equity and commodity trends affords one of the greatest hopes of achieving the ultimate end of free enterprise profit. Without the use of this peerless tool, the author believes that most investors will find themselves at the mercy and whim of market forces beyond their comprehension. Technical analysis, in his opinion, is the best means possible for attaining financial profit and for understanding the underlying condition of the economy as well as general societal trends. He explains simplified technical analysis as a combination of various forms of technical chart pattern analysis that combines the simplest and most basic elements of this discipline with a useful mixture of proven, more modem methods of technical analysis.

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Table of Contents:

Chapter 1
What is Technical Analysis? 3
Chapter 2
The Dow Theory 9
Chapter 3
Pattern Recognition 21
Chapter 4
Volume 53
Chapter 5
Breadth 57
Chapter 6
Reliability of the Chart Patterns 61
Chapter 7
Support and Resistance 67
Chapter 8
Trendlines and Channels 73
Chapter 9
One-Day Reversals 81
Chapter 10
Conclusion 89
Chapter 11
Dictionary of Terms 91
Chapter 12
Bibliography 115

Chapter 13
Investment Resource Guide 117

Suggested Reading List 119
Internet Sites 127
Magazines 129
Newsletters 131

About the Author 139

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Technical Analysis is a powerful tool when applied properly. It affords the trader or investor the advantage of improving his trading, when recognizing profit from various market trends and how to avoiding profit losses.

Written by trading guru, newsletter editor and author, Clif Droke, this one of a kind reference manual explores the Dow Theory, various chart patterns, trading volume, the concepts of support and resistance, and the basic principles of trendlines and channels to give traders a major advantage over anyone using fundamental analysis.

In an easy to understand style, this guidebook will help you explore the historical movement of stock prices and the unforeseen forces that govern the free market. While unseen, can be recognized and used as risk management tools.

If you are a beginner or immediate-level investor, you'll find this manual delivers all the tools to gain greater returns in today's market.

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