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Expert Trading Systems: Modeling Financial Markets with Kernel Regression
By: Wolberg, John R.

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This book provides modeling methodology used to develop trading systems as well as key insight on how to design, test, and measure the significance of results.

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Jacket Description:
Expert Trading Systems Investors and traders have long relied upon mathematical models to forecast changes in stock prices and market volatility. Until recently, two distinct approaches to modeling have dominated the field: technical analysis, which focuses on patterns in price data, and fundamental analysis, which considers a broad range of economic variables. Now, however, thanks to the dramatic increase in low-cost computing power, powerful new methods have emerged known as multidimensional nonlinear computer modeling. This book focuses on one of the most important of these new methods, kernel regression, a nonlinear, nonparametric modeling technique that is capable of handling massive amounts of widely diverse data and generating predictions with all the speed and accuracy of the most sophisticated neural networks, using a mere fraction of the computing power. Written by mathematician and computerized trading systems pioneer John Wolberg, Expert Trading Systems is a practical introduction to kernel regression modeling for traders and investors without a background in advanced statistics or applied mathematics. Dr. Wolberg clearly and systematically explains the basic principles of time series forecasting and kernel regression modeling. He then provides step-by-step guidance on how to design, develop, test, and measure the reliability of cutting-edge kernel regression computerized trading systems for trading all financial markets, including the stock, bond, option, futures, and derivative markets. In addition, Dr. Wolberg describes methods for combining kernel regression with neural networks to further enhance the speed and accuracy of a trading program. And he explores various risk management methods, such as combining models to enhance the reward-to-risk ratio. The first practical guide to one of today’s most powerful new price and volatility modeling techniques, Expert Trading Systems is a valuable working resource for traders and investors.

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Table of Contents:
Data Modeling of Time Series.

Kernel Regression.

High-Performance Kernel Regression.

Kernel Regression Software Performance.

Modeling Strategies.

Creating Trading Systems.




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