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John Murphy on Chart Analysis
By: Murphy, John

This item is no longer available from the publisher.
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This book by guru John Murphy covers all types of chart analysis, concepts, trendlines, moving averages, price gaps spreads and more! Includes free Bridge technical analysis CD-ROM. A Great Buy!

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Jacket Description:
Renowned market technician John Murphy presents basic principals of technical analysis in easy-to-understand terms. In this book, he covers:

-All types of chart analysis

-"Need to Know" concepts, including trendlines, moving averages, price gaps, reversal patterns, volume & open interest, spreads, and more

-Price forecasting and market timing applications

-A full resource guide of technical analysis aides

-How to use the industry's top tools to obtain a better understanding of what charts can do-and how they can help you grab yor portion of today's trading profits.

Enclosed in the book is a FREE CD-ROM that includes:

A full working version of CRB Powerlink, an internet interface to downloading historical dat from Bridge/CRB over the internet.

The full CRB/SystemMaker software program. This is a full technical analysis application that creates all of the usual charts and technical studies. But its real attraction is its ability to create, backtest, and optimize self designed trading systems without any programming knowledge or experience.

A demonstration of the CRB Yearbooks on CD-Rom product. This product contains the full content including all text, tables, and charts from every CRB Yearbook published since 1965.

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Table of Contents:
Why is Chart Analysis so Important?
Market Timing
What is Chart Analysis?
Charts Reveal Price Trends
Types of Charts Available
Weekly and Monthly Bar Charts
Price, Volume and Open Interest
How to Plot the Daily Bar Chart
Charts are Used Primarily to Monitor Trends
Support and Resistance, Trendlines and Channels
Reversal and Continuation Price Patterns
Reversal Patterns: The Head and Shoulders
Double and Triple Tops and Bottoms
Saucers and Spikes
Continuation Patterns: Triangles
Flags and Pennants
Price Gaps
The Key Reversal Day
Percentage Retracements
The Interpretation of Volume and Open Interest
Volume is an Important Part of Price Patterns
Open Interest Measures the Flow of Money
Commitments of Traders Report
Seasonal Considerations in Open Interest
Obtaining Valuable Long-Term Perspective With Weekly and Monthly Continuation Charts
How to Construct Continuation Charts
Going from the Long Term to the Short Term
The Bridge/CRB Futures Price Index and The Bridge/CRB Futures Group Indices
The Bridge/CRB Index Should Be the First Step In Market Analysis
The Second Step: The Bridge/CRB Futures Group Indices
The Third Step: The Individual Markets
Moving Averages and Oscillators
Moving Averages
Computer Trend Analysis
The Electronic Futures Trend Analyzer
Using the Electronic Futures Trend Analyzer as a Technical Filter and as a Mechanical Alert for Possible Trend Changes
Commodity Spreads and Ratios
Commodity Options
The Principle of Confirmation
Summary and Conclusion
Recommended Reading
Trading Resource Guide

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