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Be a Winner Trading Commodities
By: Fessenden, Ralph J.

This item is currently unavailable from the publisher.
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Take advantage of powerful supply and demand forces by utilizing the scale trading techniques in Be a Winner Trading Commodities. You'll learn how to calculate and scales, reduce drawdown and increase profit potential.

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Jacket Description:
Take advantage of powerful supply and demand forces by utilizing the Scale Trading Family of Techniques to Be A Winner Trading Commodities!"

Inside you will learn:

How to calculate and construct scales to take advantage of supply/demand related market movements by using the Scale Trading Family methodology of mechanical trading.

- How to dramatically reduce drawdown and increase profit potential with the Interval Scale Trading method and the ParaScale Trading method.

- How to construct scales using the Interval Scale Trading method to provide the same profit potential of classical scale trading while reducing the drawdown and capital requirements experienced in a falling market.

- How to take full advantage of a rising market in order to increase profit potential over classical scale trading while also reducing drawdown using the ParaScale Trading method.

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Table of Contents:
Chapter 1
The Scale Trading Family

Chapter 2
Classical Scale Trading

Chapter 3
Interval Scale Trading

Chapter 4
ParaScale Trading

Chapter 5
Introduction to Real Market Examples

Chapter 6
August 1996 Feeder Cattle

Chapter 7
December 1996 High Grade Copper

Chapter 8
July 1998 Pork Bellies

Chapter 9
August 1998 Soybean Meal

Chapter 10
January 1998 Orange Juice
A Rollover Example

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