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Getting Started in Asset Allocation
By: Bresnan, William; Gelb, Eric; Bill, Bresnan,

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Item #: 10517
Pages: 257
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0471326844
Type: Book - Paperback
Publish Date : 4/6/1999
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Covering the basics of starting an asset allocation program, Getting Started in Asset Allocation offers sound advice, helpful tips, and practical guidelines-all corresponding to your particular financial situation, whether you're single, married with children, saving for college, or retired.

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Table of Contents:
Splitting Your Investment Pie.

Asset Allocation Explained.



Asset Allocation Techniques.

Low-Risk Assets.

Medium-Risk Assets.

High-Risk Assets.

Mutual Funds and Asset Allocations.

Retirement Planning.

Single People.

Young Married Couples.

Married with Children.

Couples Saving for College and Retirement.

Retired People.

Maximizing Wealth Through Asset Allocation.

Epilogue: Looking to the Future.



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