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The Ultimate Safe Money Guide: How Everyone 50 and Over Can Protect, Save, and Grow Their Money
By: Weiss, Martin D.; Inc., Weiss Ratings,

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Item #: 1038010
Pages: 339
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0471430471
Type: Book - Paperback
Publish Date : 4/15/2003
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Grow, protect and save investments- whether you're 50, over 50 - or far from it with the NY Times bestselling guide to planning for a safe future. Discover safe strategies for: * Protection against losses * The worst/best insurance policies * Long-term care plans - and more.

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Jacket Description:
A detailed blueprint for the years when you should be enjoying life, not worrying about money
Millions of mature Americans over fifty face a number of pressing financial concerns including the selection of long-term care insurance, the cost of nursing homes, the safety of annuities, and the future of Social Security. This comprehensive book covers all the financial issues that affect Americans over fifty. Readers will gain relevant and important information on health care, insurance, protecting investments and retirement savings, housing decisions, and long-term care including nursing homes. The Ultimate 50+ Money Guide provides expert guidance for those approaching or over the age of fifty, who want financial security in their later years. With worksheets and charts to help readers calculate needs and evaluate their choices, The Ultimate 50+ Money Guide is a great source of information for this critical juncture.

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Table of Contents:

1. The Great Stock Market Scam.

2. Five Lessons from the Great Stock Market Scam.

3. Broken by Your Broker? Here's How to Get Money Back.

4. Safety and Yield Are Your Best Escape.

5. Profits Are Your Best Revenge.

6. Investing in Individual Stocks?

7. Protect Your Wealth!

8. The Great Insurance Cover-Up.

9. What You Need to Know about Life Insurance.

10. Annuities—The Pros and Cons.

11. The Case against Tax-Exempt Bonds.

12. Health Insurance Decision for Seniors: HMO or Medigap?

13. What about Your Long-Term Care? Do You Need Insurance? What Kind? When? How Much?

14. "Help! This Is the First Time I've Had to Make My Own Investment Decisions! What Do I Do?"

Appendix A: Risk Self-Test.

Appendix B: How to Avoid a Broker That Will Break You, and Find One That Can Truly Help You.

Appendix C: Investment Watchdog Agencies.

Appendix D: Other Resources for Investors.

Appendix E: Medicare, Medigap, and Long-Term Care: Piecing the Puzzle Together.

Appendix F: Long-Term-Care Planner.

Appendix G: Helpful Organizations, Publications, and Programs.



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