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Volatility Indicators: Techniques for Profiting from the Market's Moves
By: Leibfarth, Lee; Folger, Jean

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Item #: 10353118
Publisher: Marketplace Books
ISBN: 1592804446
Type: Electronic - PDF
Publish Date : 9/8/2010
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You have probably been hearing a lot about volatility in today’s financial markets, and that’s because it is such a crucial factor in trading. Fluctuations in trading activity can be used to establish timing for trade that will yield maximum results—if you know what to look for.

In this new eBook, Jean Folger and Lee Leibfarth, authors of Make Money Trading, help you to understand volatility and the indicators that can help to harness its power. Volatility indicators provide predictive insight into the price movements of the market and are powerful technical analysis tools that can be used to find profitable trades.

This new eBook format makes everything you need to know about volatility indicators—from a history of the most popular volatility indicators to experimental application, to finding unique opportunities for short and long-term traders—just a click away! It’s a breeze to get right to the information you’re looking for and even tap into answers that go beyond the book!

You will learn how each indicator is:

• Constructed or calculated to completely understand the signals it provides,
• Used in today’s changing markets, including stock, options, ETFs, futures, and Forex to find winning trades anywhere,
• Most often applied—and how to vary standard usage for maximum gains,
• Affected by today’s advancements in technology in relation to usage and interpretation to continually improve effectiveness,
• Used to measure the probable range of a trade and answer the elusive question “When should I exit?”
• Easily combined with other types of technical indicators for maximum profit.

Knowing the concepts behind an indicator is helpful to understanding how to use it effectively to spot trading opportunities in the nuances that charts reveal. This exciting new format puts you at the controls of the charts, providing easy access from any reference in the text. Plus, you get complete definitions of vital terms at the click of your mouse. There is no more powerful tool for pinpointing trading opportunities—so get your guide to seeing volatility clearly, and begin profiting from the market’s moves today!

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