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The New Rules of Money: 88 Strategies for Financial Success Today
By: Edelman, Ric

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Forget what you've learned about personal finance. Ric Edelman's 88 strategies, tailor-made for today's economy, will show you how to achieve financial success. You'll discover how easy it is to put his advice into action!

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Jacket Description:
Forget what you've learned about personal finance. The old rules no longer apply. Ric Edelman's 88 strategies, tailor-made for today's
economy, will show you how to achieve financial success. Ric is famous for making personal finance fun, and you'll discover how easy it is to put his advice into action!

Is it smart to buy company stock with your 401(k) plan? Discover the right way to handle your company retirement plan. See Rule #85

Learn why you must carry a big, long mortgage-and never pay it off! See Rule #21

Learn why not to invest in the new Roth IRA-and discover the most powerful anti-tax investment available today. See Rules #69 and #76

Planning to retire? Learn why you won't-and what you must do instead. See Rule #88

Find out why those who invest in S&P 500 Index Funds will wish they hadn't. See Rule #36

Learn why that higher-paying job could actually cost you money. See Rule #3

Learn why investing in the Dogs of the Dow is a big mistake. See Rule #32

"When Ric speaks (or writes) I pay attention. So should you." - Cal Thomas

"He's unconventional. He's, contrary. But when it comes to investing, people listen." - The Washington Post

"A Financial Guru." -CBS Evening News

"One of the most successful financial advisors in the country."
- Dow Jones Investment Advisor

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Table of Contents:
How to Use This Book vii

Acknowledgments xxi

Foreword xxiii

Preface xxv

Your Income, Expenses-and Debt 1

Rule # 1: Do not use a home equity line of credit
as a substitute for cash reserves. 3
Rule # 2: Never pick the money fund offering
higher interest rates than everyone else. 5
Rule # 3: Never accept a new job just to get a
higher salary. 7
Rule # 4: You must prevent your credit record
from becoming too good. 10
Rule # 5: If you want to avoid financial failure,
watch the pennies you spend-not the dollars. 12
Rule # 6: Stop spending money on things that fall
in value. 14
Rule # 7: You must cut your debt load by 33%-to
break even. 14
Rule # 8: Observe the New Rules for surviving
the holidays. 15

The New Rules Regarding College Planning 19

Rule # 9: Do not save money in a child's
name. 21
Rule # 10: Never participate in college tuition
prepayment plans. 22
Rule # 11: Apply the economic principle of ROI
to choose a college. 25
Rule # 12: Negotiate college costs and financial
aid packages like you would the price of a new
car. 28
Rule # 13: Recognize that college is no longer
necessarily the road to financial success. 30

Mortgages, Home Ownership. and Real Estate 33

Rule # 14: Forget about buying a condo. 35
Rule # 15: Forget about a "starter" home. 38
Rule # 16: Never rent real estate you'd rather
sell. 42
Rule # 17: Trying to sell your house? Use range
pricing. 44
Rule # 18: If you're the seller, accept a lower
price. 48
Rule # 19: If you're the buyer, raise your offer. 50
Rule # 20: Stop thinking that your home is the
best investment you'll ever make. 51
Rule # 21: Never own your home outright.
Instead, get a big 30-year mortgage, and never
pay it off-regardless of your age and income. 53
Rule # 22: When seeking a mortgage, use the old
qualifying rules. 62
Rule # 23: Learn the role mortgages play in your
efforts to achieve financial success. 65
Rule # 24: Don't assume paying points is a bad
thing. 71
Rule # 25: Do not hold your next real estate
settlement at the end of the month. 72

The New Investment Strategies 75

Rule # 26: Don't refuse to sell assets merely
because they have dropped in value. 77
Rule # 27: Stop trying to be right, Part 1. 77
Rule # 28: Stop trying to be right, Part 2. 78
Rule # 29: Stop keeping score. 79
Rule # 30: Know when it's time to stop climbing
the mountain. 82
Rule # 31: Stop focusing on safety, and start
focusing on performance. 85
Rule # 32: Avoid the "Dogs of the Dow Theory"-
the newest bad idea from the personal finance
press. 86
Rule # 33: Pay no attention to the Dow Jones
Industrial Average 89
Rule # 34: ...and discover the Wilshire 5000. 91
Rule # 35: Focus on tomorrow when reading
today's news. 92
Rule # 36: Stay away from S&P 500 Index
Funds 95
Rule # 37: ... and never choose investments
merely because you think they will be
profitable. 103
Rule # 38: Learn what "risk" really means. 103
Rule # 39: Learn how to hedge your bets. 110
Rule # 40: Investing is no longer winner-take-all.
Change your strategy accordingly. 111
Rule # 41: Stop trying to achieve investment
success through stock-picking. 112
Rule # 42: Be aware of diversification's evil
twin. 113
Rule # 43: Recognize that investment success is
based on time, not timing. 116
Rule # 44: Stop taking this diversification stuff
too literally. 118
Rule # 45: Put away the Fortune 500, and start
studying the Forbes 400. 119
Rule # 46: Market timing is dead. Beware of style
selection, for it will suffer the same fate. 120
Rule # 47: Stop looking for tips. Seek education
instead. 124
Rule # 48: Avoid the government's new inflation-
adjusted bonds. 129
Rule # 49: Derivatives are here to stay, so get
used to them. 133
Rule # 50: Stop participating in Dividend
Reinvestment Plans. 135
Rule # 51: Stop paying commissions and choose
Asset Management Fees instead ... 143
Rule # 52: ... and realize why stockbrokers soon
will be extinct. 145
Rule # 53: Learn how to spot the new scam
artists. 148

Your Family, Money, and the Law 155

Rule # 54A: Talk with your kids about your
will. 157
Rule # 54B: Talk with your parents about your inheritance. 157
Rule # 55: Start giving money to your kids now.
Don't wait until you've died. 159
Rule # 56: Make sure your heirs know how
investments work before they inherit them. 162
Rule # 57: Do not name minor children as
beneficiaries of your life insurance policies. 166
Rule # 58: Do not own your own life insurance
policies. 168
Rule # 59: Do not title assets jointly between
generations. 169
Rule # 60: Follow the New Rules that let you skip
probate quickly and easily. 171
Rule # 61: Forget about getting married. Focus
instead on being married. 172
Rule # 62: If you're getting married or are newly
married, get ready for a whole set of New
Rules. 174
Rule # 63: Stop giving your children an
allowance. 178
Rule # 64: If you have money or kids, you should
sign a prenuptial agreement before you
(re)marry. 182
Rule # 65: If you are facing divorce, you must
now focus your attention on the money, not your
emotions. 183
Rule # 66: Want to transfer assets to your kids?
Don't ask your advisor for help. 189
Rule # 67: Do not turn to lawyers for financial
advice. 190

The New Tax Rules 193

Rule # 68: Don't refuse to sell appreciated assets
merely because you don't want to pay taxes. 195
Rule # 69: Stop thinking you know what's in the
current tax code. 198
Rule # 70: The time to do your taxes is now June
1, not April 15. 225
Rule # 71: Determine if you need to make
estimated quarterly tax payments. 228
Rule # 72: Don't count on the flat tax. 231
Rule # 73: You won't be in a lower tax bracket
when you retire. 232
Rule # 74: Do not make tax-motivated
investment decisions. 234
Rule # 75: Stop investing in municipal bonds. 237
Rule # 76: For the most powerful anti-tax
investment available, turn to variable
annuities. 239
Rule # 77: Never add money to a Non-
Deductible IRA. 240
Rule # 78: Do not turn to tax preparers for
financial planning advice. 241

The New Insurance Rules 247

Rule # 79: Never buy life insurance on your
children. 249
Rule # 80: Never buy life insurance for
investment purposes. 251
Rule # 81: Stop worrying about long-term care
costs-and start taking action. 253
Rule # 82: Stop thinking that group insurance is
the best way to solve your insurance needs. 257
Rule # 83: Stop taking financial advice from
insurance agents. 259

The New Rules of Retirement 263

Rule # 84: Take maximum advantage of your
company retirement plan. 265
Rule # 85: Place 100% of your company
retirement plan exclusively into stocks. 271
Rule # 86: You must now watch over your
employer's shoulder, to make sure your company
retirement plan is safe. 273
Rule # 87: From now on, when you leave a
company, take the money with you. 276
Rule # 88: Retirement, the most awesome social
innovation of the 20th century, will not exist in
the 21st century. Plan accordingly. 278

Index 283

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