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Larry McMillan's Option Strategies Course
By: Mcmillan, Larry

This item is currently unavailable from the publisher.
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3 Videos and a Workbook. These private insights and strategies are the only things missing from his 2 best-selling option books.
Imagine trading with over three decades of knowledge and experience behind you. Knowing that you can survive - and profit - in ANY market. You thrive during markets where most are struggling. You have the insight and know-how to minimize your risk and keep consistent returns. This type of market knowledge is invaluable - and a rare find in today's world of fly-by-night gurus. Where do you find the trusted, valuable insight you need?
Only with Options Expert Larry McMillan

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Jacket Description:
Larry McMillan was at his best. Serious investors were on the edge of their seats. They had come from all over. In the next few hours, he would reveal secrets he's learned in a lifetime of trading options.
You'll learn his career strategies, duplicative systems and his ingenious personal techniques. It was BEAUTIFUL! You could've heard a pin drop. He talked about predictability such as volatility, trading systems and analyzing the ins and outs of how to trade options. Example after example. Larry told what worked and what didn't. He shattered old worn out myths. Mentor and protégé together. He was thought by many to be the #1 options master in the world dishing out hard-won trading secrets.

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Table of Contents:
January 31, 1998
New York

I. Definitions of Today's Terms
A. Derivative Types
B. Prof-it and Pricing Graphs
C. Futures Options
D. Over-The-Counter Derivatives

II. Trading Aids
A. Equivalent Positions
B. Brokerage and Margin: Peter Stolcers
1. Option Execution
2. Brokerage Selection
C. Data Services and Software

III. Strategies That Don't Rely on Theoretical Mispricing
A. Day-Trading Futures Systems
2. Previous Daily Range
3. Advance-Decline Oscillator
B. Short-term Trading Strategies
1. Volume alerts
2. Overpriced Options
3. Index Options
4. Put-Call Ratios
5. Trading At or Near Expiration
IV. Portfolio Protection
A. Buying index puts as insurance
B. Using collars

V. Volatility Trading
A. Factors Determing the Price of an Option
B. Volatility Skewing
1. Backspreads; Ratio Spreads
C. Implied Volatility Percentiles
D. Expensive options; strategies
E. Cheap options; strategies

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