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Technical Trading Systems for Commodities and Stocks
By: Patel, Charles

This item is currently unavailable from the publisher.
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"A gold mine of information for systems-oriented traders." 82 already developed systems are featured with precise entry and exit rules given. Every step of the process for calculating signals is shown with precision and clarity. Some systems come from popular system developers like Larry Williams, Richard Arms, and Welles Wilder.

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Jacket Description:
The book is organized in such a way that an amateur investor can quickly read a chapter discussing how a trading system works and immediately calculate each value necessary to make the system work. The reader is taken step-by-step through each calculation so that even the most non-mathematical investor can repeat the process to determine the necessary information to make the system operative.

For the beginning student of technical analysis there is an extensive presentation of work sheets for every system which shows precise what data to collect and how to organize it in such a way that it is easy to calculate and meaningful to use. Very few books on the stock and commodities markets today have gone into such detail on how to determine specific buying and selling points for investing in stocks and commodities.

This book is written for the average investor who doesn't have a computer available to crunch huge amounts of data in order to printout stacks of paper with Betas, Alphas, etc. It is a book that gives a detailed description of do-it-yourself trading systems that can be applied with no more than an adding machine and slide rule or a ten-dollar pocket calculator. It's a How-To-Do book.

As you know, Dunn & Hargitt assembled the first complete Computer Database on commodity futures markets, we then tested all the available trading systems published in the literature using the computer at Purdue University. Because I have been researching technical trading systems on stocks and commodities for the past 20 years, and at one time or another I have tested almost all the concepts and systems described in this book (other than the author's original ideas), I can assure you that your book is packed with extremely profitable information.

To carry out our own research on trading systems, we had to dig out the specifics of each trading system from numerous books and now offer it all condensed into one convenient volume. From my many years of research on trading systems I have become familiar with most of the systems and techniques that have been published or have been used by market technicians both in commodities and stocks. Nevertheless, I have never seen a book that has compiled the basic formulae and calculation sheets necessary to do a large variety of technical analyses in a single, condensed publication. Therefore, I believe that every serious stock market investor has a need for your book.

Since 1962 1 have been writing a weekly stock market advisory letter which has used certain of the formulae you describe in your book. Therefore, I can testify to the profitable weekly application of these systems over nearly 20 years of calling market trends. The Moving Average Trend following system we have employed in our advisory newsletter has called every significant market cycle since we started publication in March 1962. Few investment advisors can make and substantiate that claim which comes as a result of following trading systems like the ones you describe in your book.

Technical Trading Systems for Commodities and Stocks answers an important need for the formulae and specific buy/sell rules for various trading systems or methods in one easy-to-read reference volume. I have been reading the literature on the stock market and commodity futures markets for nearby 25 years. My experience tells me your book will be a great time-saver for the average investor who wants to understand technical analysis. Because of the wealth of information contained in the book it could sell for many times what you are asking and still be a bargain.

This book is must reading for every serious investor.

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Table of Contents:

System 1 Simple Moving Average 1
System 2 Exponentially Smoothed Moving
Average 3
System 3 Step Weighted Moving average 6
System 4 Linearly Step Weighted Moving
Average 8
System 5 Single Moving Average with Time
Filter 10
System 6 Single Moving Average with Price
Filter 12
System 7 Single Moving Average with Volatility
Filter 14
System 8 Single Moving Average with Time and
Price Filter 16
System 9 Moving Average to Project Channel 18
System 10 Moving Average --Larry Williams'
Shadow Line 21
System 11 Measuring Cycle's Momentum Using
Consistent Moving Average 24
System 12 Optimizing Your Moving Average 28
System 13 Two Moving Averages 31
System 14 Price Projection Based on Moving
Average 34
System 15 Composite Moving Average 38
System 16 Step Weighted Composite Moving
Average 40
System 17 Moving Average Systems (General
Discussion) 42
System 18 Practical Applications of Moving
Averages 44
System 19 Joseph Granville's On Balance
Volume 47
System 20 Negative On Balance Volume 52
System 21 Volume Price Trend Analysis 56
System 22 Don Worden's Tick Volume 60
System 23 Larry Williams'
Accumulation/Distribution 62
System 24 David Bostian's
Accumulation/Distribution 66
System 25 Ultra High Volume 71
System 26 Crocker's Price-Volume 72
System 27 Modified Internal Index 73
System 28 Reversal Index 76
System 29 Density Index (or Countertrend
Analysis) 78
System 30 Equivolume Charting 81
System 31 Volume Systems (General
Discussion) 82
System 32 Trading Range Indicator 1 84
System 33 Trading Range Indicator 2 86
System 34 Trading Range Indicator 3 88
System 35 Trading Range Indicator 4 91
System 36 Special Momentum Indicator 1 94
System 37 Special Momentum Indicator 2 96
System 38 Special Momentum Indicator 3 98
System 39 Relative Strength 1 100
System 40 Relative Strength 2 102
System 41 Relative Strength 3 104
System 42 Relative Strength 4 107
System 43 Relative Strength 5 110
System 44 Relative Strength 6 112
System 45 Relative Strength 7 114
System 46 Relative Strength 8 116
System 47 Dunnigan's Thrust Method 119
System 48 Dunnigan's One Way Formula 123
System 49 Cole Method 124
System 50 Donchian's 2 Week Channel 125
System 51 Donchian's Modified 2 Week
Channel 126
System 52 Donchian's 3 Week Channel 127
System 53 Donchian's Modified 3 Week
Channel 128
System 54 Donchian's 4 Week Channel 129
System 55 Donchian's Modified 4 Week
Channel 130
System 56 Donchian's 5 Week Channel 131
System 57 Donchian's Modified 5 Week
Channel 132
System 58 8 Week Channel 133
System 59 Modified 8 Week Channel 134
System 60 Speed Resistance Lines 135
System 61 Modified Colver System 137
System 62 Median Line Method 140
System 63 Lazy Larry's Easy Method 142
System 64 Chart Segment Using Trend Line 143
System 65 % A Method 144
System 66 % A and % D Method 147
System 67 Momentum Trend Indicator 1 150
System 68 Momentum Trend Indicator 2 152
System 69 Momentum Trend Indicator 3 155
System 70 Momentum Trend Indicator 4 157
System 71 Momentum Trend Indicator 5 159
System 72 Momentum Trend Indicator 6 161
System 73 Filtering 163
System 74 Swing Index 166
System 75 Modified Engineer's Method 169
System 76 Only for Stock Option Traders 175
System 77 Sigma System 176
System 78 Wilder's Modified Relative Strength
Index 178
System 79 Wilder's Volatility System 181
System 80 Trend by Zero Balance 185
System 81 Easy Relative Strength Method 186
System 82 Angular Theory of Price Trends 187

Appendix 189

Application Guide 191

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