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Bar Chart Basics: Big Returns Using Bar Charts
By: R., Jobman, Darrell

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Now, this compact new guide breaks down Bar Charts into terms anyone can understand. For beginners, it’s the first step in your ‘technical analysis course,’ or a great way for seasoned investors to brush on their bar chart ‘basics.’

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Jacket Description:
" Understanding the bar chart is the starting point for learning how to analyze the markets. In Bar Chart Basics, Darrell Jobman presents a clear, concise introduction to bar charts. He covers a myriad of useful topics in this compact little booklet. From trendlines and chart pattern to gaps and replacements, Jobman explains what you need to know to profit from bar charts."
--From the Foreward by Tom Bierovic

Charts are the building blocks of technical anyalysis, as they help investors visualize trend changes that-and traders who act on trend changes quickly stand to reap huge rewards.

Bar charts are the most popular method for identifying market turning points. Now, this compact new guide breaks down Bar Charts into terms anyone can understand. For beginners, it's the first step in your " technical analysis course."For experieced investors, it's great way to brush on your bar chart " basics".

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Table of Contents:


Continuation Formations
Measuring A Continuation Trend
Measuring Gaps
Reversal Formations
Key Reversal
Island Reversal
Multiple Tops, Bottoms
Vs And Saucers
Ms and Ws, 1-2-3 Swings

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