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Are you losing money because of confusing,
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If so, you are not alone--but the solution to mastering the markets is simple!

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Brand New Book!

With its real time focus, the Market Profile gives you the ability to accurately pinpoint your entries and exits.  Just imagine the trades you could make if you were able to time those price opportunities perfectly!  The clarity of the Market Profile gives you access to consistent, informed trades that could add thousands, or even more in winning trades! 

Profit with the Market Profile: Identifying Market Value in Real Time by Dr. John Keppler reveals his latest and thoroughly researched secrets on how to extract profits from the markets at any given time.  In his brand-new book, Dr. Keppler, seasoned business professor and the founder of, reveals his startling Market Profile tactics that make it possible to identify and track market value in real time. The secret behind the power of the profile is in your hands.

Why is the Market Profile so powerful?

Developed in the 1980s, Market Profile was designed for pit traders, traders looking for a tool to anticipate market movement. It has now become one of the most powerful analytical tools for individual traders, investors, and market analysts due to its simplicity and versatilityDiscover the Profile secrets of the pros...

>>> Proprietary Formulas Revealed <<<

You will get the very first look at the Keppler Volume Tracking Indicator (KVT), based on Dr. Keppler's extensive research studies on volume patterns and volume variations on a variety of instruments. Using a proprietary formula, KVT looks at the current traded volume at every price and highlights trading volume considered to be above the usual or average levels, allowing traders to identify trends and determine the level of conviction in order to capitalize on opportunities as they present themselves in the market.

This new book allows you to anticipate potential market moves--which puts you ahead of the game!

It is not surprising that when something is so powerful, myths about it start to spread.  In fact, tools this powerful are often kept from the individual traders.  Dr. Keppler's new book demystifies Market Profile and shows you each indicator, step-by-step, so you can accurately forecast market moves.

The enigma and power of the Market Profile has created many misconceptions when in reality its applications truly just give you a different way of looking at the market.

True or False:

  1. Market Profile charts are complicated, hard to understand, and difficult to apply.
  2. Market Profile Charts are Only for Futures and Commodities.
  3. Market Profile Does Away with Technical Analysis.

ALL FALSE:  In reality, none of these could be farther from the truth, and if you believed even one of these was true, it could cost you thousands. But now the steps to sucess have been spelled out!

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It's no surprise that this book is already in high demand and had numerous requests for pre-release!  With sold out workshops and seminars, students are lining up to learn to master the secrets of the Market Profile.  This book hands you tested and proven concepts that can be added to any trading system.  Whether you are trading stocks, ETFs, futures, commodities, bonds or currencies, incorporating the Market Profile will maximize your profits.

Master the skills that will lead to success!

Today's markets are ideal for the Market Profile. It was built to succeed in the most volatile of markets, and times have not been more volatile than the present!  With effective indicators like the buying tail, you can make the volatility pay off!

Start making the stock market work for you!

Order now and walk away with his effective trading arsenal today, skip the years of testing and hurdles, but get all the benefit of these predictive strategies.

Profit with the Market Profile will guide traders through a new understanding of the market. How much is it worth to be able to:

  • spot the most profitable trade opportunities as they set-up, so you can get in on the winning side,
  • make confident trading decisions with increased accuracy and eliminate stressful second guessing,
  • develop Profile-based trading strategies that use proven trade planning to reduce losses,
  • secure better entries and exits, and implement more effective targets and stops designed to maximize gains on every trade? Chock full of diagrams and charts!

How good do you feel when you hit your trading goal? Imagine if you had that feeling week after week.  Traders pay hundreds, even thousands for material nowhere near as researched and effective as this!

Still not convinced?

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The Market Profile concepts are concise, simple, and easy-to-understand and can be mastered by beginner or experienced trader. Dr. Keppler uses a simple systematic approach to explain and illustrate various Profile concepts with real life examples.  This action-packed book is chock full of diagrams and charts to help visually examine the elements and the structure of the Profile.

Dr. Keppler gives you all the tools to trade today's markets like a pro, click here to make them work for you!

P.S. Dr. Keppler reveals his personal trading guidelines for success!  These are THE secrets to SURVIVAL!  Save yourself the costly scars and master these 12 RULES!

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Just don't take our word for it, check out these reviews from fellow expert traders:

"Profit with the Market Profile is not a book about financial profits. It is a book about how you can benefit from the unique simplicity of the Market Profile chart by incorporating it into your analysis of the market.

After reading Profit with the Market Profile, you will have a new lens for viewing the markets and a new arrow for your quiver of trading tools from which to build a consistent methodology that works for you."

-Michael Jardine, author of Just a Trade a Day: Simple Ways to Profit from Predictable Market Moves

"This book offers a refreshing update to Market Profile and provides a very clear path for learning it and applying proven concepts. Given Dr. Keppler's background as a professor, he clearly distills what is important and conveys it in a manner that anyone can learn from. I especially like the short quizzes at the end of each chapter which help to reinforce the important concepts."

-Trevor Hartnett, Trader and Founder of



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