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David Penn is the Editor-in-Chief at and has published over 1300 articles and market commentaries on trading, technical analysis, and market psychology.

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David Penn - Momentum Indicators

Latest Release - New eBook

The Three Secrets to Trading Momentum Indicators

You can't predict the future, but if you see a car going 100 miles an hour toward a picket fence, you have a pretty good idea. In trading, this concept is called momentum and it is one of the most widely used factors in creating effective, profitable technical indicators.

This ebook not only shows  the three secrets that allow you to capitalize on the power of momentum indicators, the digitally integrated features make it easier for you to see the charts and click right through to the glossary and additional information.  Momentum indicators are excellent for getting on the right side of the trend and spotting the reversal before it happens. With a mastery of momentum, traders can put this predictability to work making them money.

From a history of the most popular momentum indicators to how to tweak parameters for today's changing market ,it is all a click away! This new ebook format makes it a breeze to get right to the information you are looking for and tap into answers that go beyond the book!

Inside you'll get:

  • an explanation of Candlesticks--the best way to see momentum,
  • the mistakes traders often make with indicators and how to avoid them,
  • tactics for using momentum with breakout, reversal, and swing trading,
  • and, the inside scoop on the king of all momentum indicators--Stochastics.

This exciting new format puts you at the controls of the charts, providing easy access from any reference in the text. Plus, you get complete definitions of vital terms right at the click of your mouse. There is no faster trading signal than price action properly interpreted--so get your copy of this money-making guide and start benefiting from momentum now.


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