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Peter Lusk

Mr. Lusk is an instructor at the Options Institute, the educational arm of the Chicago Board Options Exchange. He teaches option courses for public and institutional traders and has contributed educational type articles to various financial publications. Peter has spoken to thousands of investors across North America the past few years including over 100 webinars for the CBOE and member firms on trading options. He can also be seen each week on CBOE-TV with his show, Strategy of the Week. In addition to his responsibilities at the Options Institute, Peter serves as an Instructor for the Options Industry Council - an organization representing the options industry in the U.S. Prior to working at the Options Institute, Peter was a highly successful market maker for many years on the floor of the CBOE trading equity options. He was also involved in options training for new market makers at Lakota Trading in Chicago. As a professional trader, Peter enjoys sharing his knowledge of proven option strategies and risk management at the Options Institute.

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Latest Release

Mastering Debit Spreads: Conquer Volatility and Time in Option Trading

Are you worried about time erosion or declining volatility in your option trading? Are you looking for a potentially high return strategy in a sideways trading market? Debit spreads—both bull and bear—might be just what the trading doctor ordered.

Enter Peter Lusk, an instructor at The Options Institute at the CBOE. A natural educator, Peter will use trading exercises, stories, and humor to teach you how debit spreads can boost your option trading success.

In this exciting course, you will walk through what a bull and bear debit spread looks like, how it’s traded, how the Greeks affect it, and the psychology behind the strategy.

The bonuses of using a debit spread strategy in your trading include:

  • Lower cost than at-the-money options,
  • Near zero exposure to volatility,
  • Near zero exposure to time.

  • Accompanied by a comprehensive online manual, this highly effective option strategy is a must for your trading arsenal!

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