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Jea Yu

Jea Yu is president and co-founder of, the premiere active trader and self-directed investor chat room and training site that has served over 10,000 traders, fund managers, and investors worldwide since 1999. His brainchild was voted Forbes’ Best of the Web for four consecutive years under the active trader category. Mr. Yu has published two best Guide to Electronic Trading, 2001 and Secrets of the Undergroundtrader, 2003, as well as two popular trading videos titled Level II Warfare and Beating the Bear published through Marketplace Books and Traders’ Library. He has been quoted in USA Today, the Wall Street Journal, and the Financial Times, as well as numerous articles through various trade publications. Online Investor magazine labeled Jea Yu as “an enigmatic online stock prophet.” Mr. Yu is an active contributing writer for, with over 60 articles to his credit.

With over ten years of market experience through bull mania and bear panic markets, Mr. Yu has developed a complete proprietary synergistic trading and investment methodology that incorporates multiple technical filters added to converging time frames to produce a foreshadowing element to market trends. By always having a finger on the pulse of the markets and shifting with the market paradigms, Mr. Yu has stayed on the cutting edge of strategy development.

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Jea Yu's New Book - Trading Full Circle


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Trading Full Circle: The Complete UndergroundTrader System for Timing and Profiting in All Financial Markets

Have you ever felt that could make more in the markets? Has the success you know you are capable of been just within your grasp, only to slip away before you can lock in the profit? Profitable trading is a combination of strategy, analysis, psychology, and determination--and until now, it took years to find the perfect balance of each. Never before has a master outlined how to put the pieces together in a guide that is so easy to understand and interesting to read. The key to gaining control of your trading and collecting the payouts you know the market holds is finally available.

In this rare, revealing insight into the mind of a top trader, Jea Yu, founder of,  brings his own trading journey Full Circle and hands you his first-hand knowledge of the markets, revealed from thousands of hours of market participation. With his trademark charisma, Jea Yu gives you the key to gaining control of your trading and collecting the profit you deserve.

In Trading Full Circle, Yu gives you complete explanations of the tools he uses to trade, along with his personal playbook of powerful techniques using these tools to trade nearly any situation the market presents you. This comprehensive guide will give traders the mindset and skills to:

  • Identify fertile trading environments--and profit big from them,
  • Target big plays within each trading period throughout the day to find the best trades,
  • Identify vital time and price points for the best returns,
  • Incorporate fundamental analysis into a technical trading system,
  • Avoid the traps with specific techniques to prevent blowout.

With detailed charts and real-life examples, Yu illustrates how to combine the best chart patterns with candlesticks, Bollinger bands, stochastics, and other proven techniques for the most effective outcome on every trade. There is even a step-by-step training system for beginning traders, or those who need to re-charge their profitability. Plus--Yu gives you access to his highly effective, never-seen-before Rifle Charts. 

Flatten the trading learning curve, tap the battle-earned wisdom of a veteran trader and maximize your market potential inside this groundbreaking handbook.


Other Products by Jea Yu

Level II Trading Warefare

Level II Trading Warfare: The Undergroundtrader's Powerful Weapons

This video shares the tools accomplished trader, Jea Yu, uses to determine the trend, find precise entry points and his preferred method for placing orders in Level II trading. It also explains what noodles, cranks and cross locks are -- and why they're so important for Level II traders. If you're looking to find out why day traders fail -- and how to avoid falling into the same trap -- this is a must see video!

He day trades for a living - and now the accomplished "" complements his best-selling book with an excellent video workshop that reveals his unique strategies for surviving the short-term markets. Yu's insights are awesome - and his aggressive trading arsenal includes...

  • Trading "Basket Stocks" for consistent daily profits. Yu explains what "baskets" are -- and how they give you a tremendous edge over other traders
  • Tools he uses to determine the trend, find precise entry points and his preferred method for placing orders in Level II trading
  • What noodles, cranks and cross locks are -- and why they're so important for Level II traders
  • How a PUP breakout differs from a consolidation breakout
  • Why day traders fail -- and how to avoid falling into the same trap

You'll attack the trading markets with renewed confidence -- and techniques to triumph -- when you're armed with methods this seasoned warrior provides. for Winning


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