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Try the best stock charts & market analysis for FREE !
Find the PROVEN powers in swing trading with SwingTracker v4.0!

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SwingTracker 4.0 is quote, scan and charts software designed specifically for Swing & Day Traders. In addition to our acclaimed Features like real-time intraday technical charts, sophisticated stock tool and dozens of technical indicators, we have the following special features for swing traders:

  • Equivolume and ForceIndex indicators as described in my education section
  • Build your own stock scans, or use the ones described in "SwingLab" to find your own
  • Real-Time Swing Alerts's Real-Time Stock Charts - RISK-FREE TRIAL featuring one-click access to Larry Swing's profit-generating indicators - Force Index , EquiVolume

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FREE 2-week Trial to The Right Line Report.
Get winning stock picks, on-going trading tips and education - 3 times a week. Focusing on short-term momentum trading and stock splits, Right Line's "Power Trading" techniques provide maximum gain with minimal market risk. The "Split Experts" analyze all the markets to bring readers ...

  • Hot stock tips
  • Advice on position sizes and use of stops
  • Risk management techniques
  • Winning strategies, tactics - and more!

As they say, "If you think trading education is too expensive, try ignorance!"


Free one-month trial to Quotes & Charts for stocks and futures from

Market Watchdog service from keeps you on top of market activity. Your free trial includes:

  • Quotes and charts for futures and stocks. Futures information includes intra-day and end-of-day java charting and a full quoteboard of all products; Equities information includes Most Actives, Biggest Gainers and Losers, 52-week highs and lows, and more.
  • Access to the commentary and analysis of our staff of World Cup Trading Championship winners.
  • Daily research reports from the World Cup research department.

First-time subscribers only, please.


30 Day Special Trial Price-Trade Advisor: - TradeAdvisor's
Eliminate trading guesswork with TradeAdvisor. Get it now at the special Traders Library price. Software features include:

  • Powerful scan feature that fully analyzes data
  • Access to powerful buy and sell signals
  • Updates on your current long and short positions
  • Detailed recommendations for placement of stops
  • Notice when profit taking should be considered

You'll receive a free two week online trial of:

  • The Pristine Day Trader

Free two week Trial - Daily Stock and Option Advisory - Netpicks:
You get full access including the Morning and Evening Update with:

  • featured Trades including entry and exit points
  • special focus on technology, internet and biotech sectors
  • top stories, review of our main portfolio including new targets and stop levels, and new trades for the following day
  • new set-ups on stocks that have been targeted for fast intraday moves

Outstanding offer from TCI Corp.

Learn from the BEST in investment education! TCI Corp provides in-class training in Day Trading, Swing Trading and Long-Term Trading using computerized Trading Systems. Students learn the ins and outs of trading systems, plus they learn how to set up the data-feed, open a brokerage account, who to call and so on.

Click here and get detailed information leading to your investment success!


Free 2 week subscription to Investor's Business Daily:
Investor's Business Daily provides you with exclusive decision-making data once only reserved for big money managers. You will also find:

  • Facts, figures, and news analysis you need to succeed
  • Stock charting information to help you make better trades
  • Indices charting to help forecast market trends

FREE 2-week Trial to The Bull Market Report:

Editor in Chief Todd Shaver compiles and writes this powerful daily financial newsletter. Each issue summarizes the day's events on Wall Street and around the world, and works to uncover those companies with the greatest potential to create wealth for their shareholders over the long haul. The Bull Market Report doesn't just report the news -- it also INTERPRETS it in plain and simple language. Each issue gives you the tools and wisdom you need to help you move closer to your financial goals. Bonus: FREE report on Healthcare stocks.


Why Preferred Trade?

Because anything else is too slow! Do you wait and wait for your online orders to be executed and confirmed with your web browser broker? And wait? And wait? Escape the wait, use Preferred Trade from Preferred Capital Markets, Inc!

The Preferred Trade System will:

  • forward orders directly and intelligently to the exchanges and ECN's via Auto Trade
  • direct orders to whichever ECN or Market Maker is offering the best price for your order
  • fully integrate with the leading real-time streaming quote providers, providing for a true point, click and trade system
  • allow online option stop and stop loss orders, including contingent orders for options
  • mean no scrolling through numerous web pages to place your order or receive confirmations
  • give you immediate online order execution confirmations, including real-time position updates with every trade
  • simultaneously keep the Preferred Trade System on your screen while other windows or browsers are open
  • give you $100 in free trades when opening a new account
  • give you the confidence from working with Preferred Capital Markets, Inc., a NYSE member firm founded in 1982

Preferred Capital Markets, Inc.
Member NYSE and all principal exchanges, MSRB, SIPC.
Speed of execution depends on the particular stock or option, the liquidity and volatility of the issue and/or the overall market. This applies to market orders and marketable limit orders.

Free simulated e-mini trading account from Robbins Trading Company

Test our online trading platform -- and your trading skills -- without opening a live account or risking any money. We'll give you a "virtual" $50,000 account to "test drive" the popular Robbins Online platform in a simulated yet realistic e-mini trading environment. Discover the speed, accuracy, and security features that have made Robbins Trading Company an online trading leader. Simulated trading is offered for educational and instructional purposes only.


EXCEPTIONAL PRODUCT - Market Technologies:
VantagePoint's Market Timing Technology:

  • Gives you extremely accurate market forecasts
  • Is currently 80% accurate (depending on the target market the accuracy percentage varies) at forecasting the trend direction over the next two days
  • Can be used to trade outright futures contracts, options or spreads, and is well-suited for day traders or position traders

FREE PASS - Online Trading Expo:

  • FREE Exhibit Hall Pass
  • Access to top Trading experts
  • Learn to trade with confidence
  • See cutting edge technology
  • Meet the authors of todays bestsellers

FREE 2 week trial to StormTracker - a $88 value
StormTracker is the most powerful intraday scanning software available. Save time by letting StormTracker find opportunities as they happen in realtime:

  • Scans up to 2000 symbols in realtime, looking for 10 different types of intraday alerts
  • Alerts are based on intraday patterns, NOT end of day data - an important distinction for traders who go home flat every night
  • Easy to use, no complex programming required - screencam videos with audio explain how to use the scanner
  • Real-Time Information

Click Here to try StormTracker today for FREE and learn first hand the true value of using this time-saving service.

***Requires a RealTick, QCharts or AT Financial datafeed and PC with minimum 400 MHz/128 Meg RAM/High Speed internet connection.


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