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Clearing Browser Cache

When you visit a page on the web, the files that make up that page are stored in cache, which is simply storage on your computer. The next time you go to that web page, your computer pulls the files for that page from cache, not the actual web. This provides faster access to that page but it also means that you may not be viewing the newest information from the web page. That is why it is important to periodically clear you cache. By doing so, the browser must get the page from the web rather then from your computer's storage.

Click here for information on how to clear your browser's cache.


Web Browser Instructions For Enabling Cookies

Click here to understand cookies and why they are safe. In order to provide you with a rich, dynamic shopping experience, we utilize both persistent cookies and session cookies to maintain your cart, authenticate a log-in session and to track web site usage for purposes of identifying problems and improving our web site overall.

Most cookie problems are resolved by a correctly configured web browser. You will also need to disable third-party software that controls or filters cookies, banner ads, popup windows and images. This type of software interferes with the electronic commerce operations required by our website.

Click here for information on how to properly configure your browser to allow cookies.

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