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Friday, September 13, 2013


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6:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Welcome Reception and Registration

7:30pm – 9:00pm John Ehlers
Utopia C

Effectively Trading the Stochastic Market Structure

Models of the market structure are critical because they formulate your approach to trading. Random variables are difficult to understand, and several successful market models are described using various approaches. One of the more important concepts is that the market is fractal. This fractal model is used to show why optimum filtering is critical for noise reduction. A unique new SuperSmoother providing optimum filtering is fully described.

The fractal model also includes Spectral Dilation, an effect where cycle swings have different amplitudes. A unique Roofing filter is described that controls the effects of Spectral Dilation, and is further used as the critical component of swing trading indicators. The indicators are then used to show techniques to make them be predictive.

The results of trading systems are also more or less random. Evaluating equity curves and Monte Carlo simulations are described so you can avoid fooling yourself with results that can be just a random event. A portfolio approach to make the probability of an annualized loss be vanishingly small is described.

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Saturday, September 14, 2013


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7:00 am – 8:00 am  

Breakfast & Registration

8:00 am – 12:00 pm Steve Nison
Utopia C

Common Candlestick Charting Mistakes

For more than 30 years Steve has been helping all kinds of traders and investors maximize their success with candlesticks. Drawing on this experience, Steve details some of the most common candlestick mistakes so you add more profits to your bottom line and prevent big drops in your trading account. This session is for those new to candlesticks... or those who want to stop those costly mistakes that happen when you don’t use candlesticks correctly. It applies to all markets and all time frames. These strategies are great for day and swing traders... plus active investors who want to manage trading accounts as well as long term accounts.

8:00 am – 9:30 am Anand Sanghvi
Utopia D

Sang Lucci On Tape Reading: Real Time Equities, Options, and Futures Price Analysis

Economics 101: Supply and demand determine price. A trader who understands supply and demand can therefore predict price. Simple and easy, right?

Maybe not that easy.

Anand Sanghvi, aka Sang Lucci, has been profitably trading equities and options for seven years. He has gone from a struggling proprietary trader to head trader, self-made millionaire, and now, hedge fund manager.

It wasn't until he understood the incredible advantage provided by tape reading-- the real time analysis of supply and demand in a security-- that he turned the corner to becoming consistently profitable. Tape reading informs every single trade he makes, from his $1,000 scalps to his infamous Citigroup trade, which netted him over $1.4MM in profits in a two week span. Reading the tape allows him to stay ahead of technical analysts and strip his trading methodology of biases.

Anand is living proof that a trader can see how the bigger players make their moves and how "smart money" is able to manipulate perception, all through "the tape"--the Time & Sales and Level II. In his presentation, Anand will show you exactly how he understands price via the tape and incorporates that information into his trading.


  • Brief history of Tape Reading and how the practice has changed over the years
  • Key concepts of Bid/Ask
  • The Time & Sales and Level II
  • Market maker spreads and the exploration of how they make their money as well as the strategies they use
  • Tape reading checklist for long/short trades
  • Live walk through of theoretical trades
10:00 am – 11:30 am Rob Roy
Utopia D


Learn to trade options and capture explosive moves in the market without forecasting direction using this proprietary strategy.

12:00 pm – 1:00 pm Awards Banquet
Nirvana BC

Traders' Hall of Fame Honors Jack Hutson

1:30pm – 3:00 pm Don Fishback
Utopia C

Academic to Practitioner – Using Volatility Differences as a Forecasting Tool

In this session, Don Fishback will show you how he takes verified methods that have been discovered in academic research, and applies them in practical ways that individuals can use to augment their trading. We will begin by looking at the difference in implied volatility at different strike prices. Then, if time allows, we will investigate volatility at different terms and other "anomalies". To demonstrate these proven systems, Don will be using the most powerful options analysis app on the market today: OptionApps.
1:30pm – 3:00 pm Ken Calhoun
Utopia D

Top 7 ETF Breakout Trading Strategies

Discover how to swing and day trade high volatility exchange-traded fund (ETF) breakouts in this fast-paced, dynamic trading seminar featuring Ken Calhoun. You'll see exactly how to set ETF breakout entries and exits using a combination of candlestick and western momentum trading signals that are easy to use.

These updated new strategies are battle-tested and carefully designed based on years of actual trading experience, using these patterns in hundreds of real-money trades. Once you learn how to trade with these 7 precision trading strategies you'll understand everything you need to know for carefully trading these like a professional trader does:

  • Scanning for ETF Breakout Charts To Trade: Finding Strength
  • ETF Breakout Patterns: Cups, Trading Ranges and Hidden Signals
  • Candlestick Chart ETF Breakout Patterns For Momentum Trades
  • ETF Breakout Trading: How to Manage Entries and Exits
  • How to Trade Minor Gap Continuation Breakouts
  • Avoiding False Breakouts When Trading ETFs
  • Trade Management: Stops and Scaling-In Strategies

Since ETFs (like the SPY or QQQ) trade exactly like stocks, they're easy to trade. And because they seldom make large gaps, the risk is potentially lower as well. You'll also see examples of triple-leveraged ETFs (like FAZ and TNA) as well as sector-specific ETFs and how to trade them. Ideal for both intraday and swing traders, you'll unlock powerful new tactics you can start using instantly with these 7 practical new ETF breakout trading strategies

3:30pm – 5:00 pm David Moenning
Utopia C

Using Disciplined Systems to Guide Trading/Timing Decisions

In this 90 minute session, 25-year stock market veteran and professional money manager Dave Moenning will introduce his favorite models, signals, and systems to time investment/trading decisions. Mr. Moenning will detail EXACTLY what he uses on a daily basis for his Daily Decision subscribers on and clients of Heritage Capital Management. Follow Dave on Twitter @StateDave.

3:30pm – 5:00 pm Scott Andrews
Utopia D

Use Opening Zones to Better Trade Any Market or Setup

Indicators can be very useful for sizing up and trading any market, but most are inherently lagging by definition. They tell you what 'has' happened, but not what is 'likely' to happen.

Opening gap zones are different. They are based on four important prior session levels and can be set up easily with any charting application. More importantly, they can provide a tremendous statistical edge when trading any setup or market.

Join Scott Andrews, a veteran trader and former public company CEO, as he shares his 10 years of experience and personal research using opening zones in his daily trading. Topics covered during this interactive presentation include:

  • What are Opening Zones?
  • Examples of Opening Zones
  • Historical probabilities of 10 opening zones for 5 different opening gap and range setups (gap fade, high breakout, high fade, low fade, and low breakout).
  • Tips for incorporating Opening Zones into your trading
  • And more

Examples will be shown using the following five (5) markets: S&P 500, NASDAQ 100, Dow 30, Corn, and Crude Oil. This event is well suited for traders of stocks, indices and futures and any experience level, though a basic knowledge of candlestick patterns is helpful.

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Sunday, September 15, 2013


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7:00 am – 8:00 am  


8:00 am – 9:30 am Serge Berger
Utopia C

Using Candlesticks and Confluence Zones for Swing Trading

Candlesticks offer traders a powerful and visual tool for measuring market sentiment and pinpointing important market turning points. In this insightful presentation, Serge Berger presents how he uses candlesticks and combines them with his strong confluence zones to give to result in defined areas to lean against for swing trading.

8:00 am – 9:30 am Buff Dormeier
Utopia D

Investing with Volume Analysis--Turn up the Volume

If price is the market's testimony, then volume must be the markets polygraph. More than any other indicator, volume tells you the real force and extent of investors' convictions about present prices. By reading the market's volume-oriented "lie detector tests," you can uncover market trends sooner, with more reliability, thus positioning yourself to capture the profits those trends might deliver.

In this presentation, award-winning technical analyst and author, Buff Dormeier, reveals how volume validates, interprets, and leads price. Using volume analysis, you'll learn to uncover surprising shifts in investor enthusiasm, identify disparities in market opinion, and sniff out coming trend reversals.

Mr. Dormeier teaches you his own groundbreaking approaches and how to apply them. You'll further learn how to assess the strength and/or weakness in both bear and bull markets by integrating volume analysis with other common portfolio techniques. Volume analysis speaks volumes. Attend this presentation and discover what the market has been telling you all along if only you had turned on the volume!

10:00 am – 11:30 am Jay Kaeppel
Utopia C

Using Seasonal Trends to Find High Probability ETF Trades

If you are looking for an edge that most traders miss, this session is not to be missed. The vast majority of traders focus solely on technical and/or fundamental data in order to find trades. In this fast-paced session, veteran trader and author Jay Kaeppel lays out a variety of strategies using reliable seasonal trends to trade ETFs on stock indexes, stock sectors, bonds and commodities.

Jay’s experience in analyzing seasonal trends culminated in his latest book, Seasonal Stock Market Trends. In this session, Jay will demonstrate how to build a strategy that involves using seasonal trends to find a good trading candidate, then incorporating other indicators to increase the odds of success. You will also learn how to maximize the potential from using exchange-traded funds and how to minimize risk by using options on ETFs.

10:00 am – 11:30 am Chris Verhaegh
Utopia D

Polarity Trading

Do you trade stocks and options? Only trade stocks? Only trade options? This session is for you. This session is meant for those who have never traded an option and also for seasoned option pros. In this presentation, Chris will teach you how to: "Improve the Efficiency of Your Trading."

Want to Day Trade Stocks but don’t have enough money in your account? And don’t want to risk what you do have? In this session Chris will show you methods to use tiny amounts of money to get in and out while not needing nor risking large sums of money.

Not interested in Day Trading, this session should improve anyone's results, no matter their time horizon. As a bonus for Seasoned Option Traders, Chris will teach how to enter Debit Spreads for a Credit!

11:45 am – 12:45 pm   Lunch
1:00 pm – 5:00 pm Larry McMillan
Utopia C

Trading Volatility

Everyone seems to have an opinion on volatility these days, but most opinions are poorly researched or woefully misinformed. In this talk, you will see how $VIX itself can sometimes be used as a market indicator. More importantly, volatility derivatives (including ETFs, ETNs, and VIX futures and options) will be discussed.

These ETFs, ETN5, and derivatives sometimes behave in a different way than one might expect, although they are performing as they were designed almost 100% of the time. We’ll look at VXX, XIV, TVIX, and other major ones, and give you some insights as to what they can and cannot do, in terms of volatility protection.

Also, it will be shown how the Volatility ETNs can affect the VIX futures markets — facts that might not be obvious to the casual trader, but which are actually very important to pricing behavior.

A large segment of the seminar will be devoted to volatility trading as it relates to stock and index options. Popular strategies, such as calendar spreads, straddle buys, covered call writing, and naked option writing will be described from the viewpoint of trading them optimally through volatility. Specifically, volatility skew-based strategies will be related to these rather common option strategies.

Finally, the portfolio management technique (called “Volatility Capture”) that our RIA actually trades for customers will be shown, as implementation of some of these concepts.

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