"This is a great opportunity to learn directly from trading legends. The DVDs are a wonderful resource to ensure you will miss nothing."

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October 2008 - Chicago
June 2009 - Las Vegas
August 2009 - Chicago Options Forum
November 2009 - One Day Las Vegas Forum
April 2010 - Trading Legends Forum
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Last year, a lucky group of traders finally discovered a trading event that truly impacted their bottom lines—the Traders’ Library Trading Forum! We had great speakers and an enthusiastic group of traders eager to learn new and profitable trading strategies. Read below and let them tell you a little bit about why you can’t miss this year’s March event!

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How would you rate the overall effectiveness of the 2010 Forum?

  • I really enjoyed the sessions and then to be able to talk to the lecturers. I learned many new "tricks" for trading. Personally, I was anticipating the forum to be primarily a sales pitch for the various mentoring programs. I was so wrong! While they did promote their products and programs, they also TAUGHT new tips and ideas that I can use in my everyday trading experience.
  • I don't think you could have done a better job. Having CD's included as a part of the package made attending irresistible.
  • The materials were exceptionally well written and presented.

Would you attend again?

  • I wouldn't miss it. The venue, the food, the presenters and the Library staff were all terrific. Thank you one and all!
  • I treasure every moment of it and I would more than happy to come again.
  • Can Alumni get a discount? :-)

What would you tell a friend about attending?

  • That it is not only worth the time and $, it is a BARGAIN. Attendance is a MUST.
  • Worth attending. Different views of the markets by different speakers. Very valuable information.
  • I invited a friend under the Traders' Library special friend invite. He didn't show up. I told him, next time show up. The lesson for anyone who didn't attend is that you can learn a lot from books, Traders' Library books, but mingling with the presenters and other traders is the true value of the Traders' Library Forum. Thank you Trader's Library.
  • It is a wonderful opportunity to be exposed to many trading philosophies in a very nice venue. The event was large enough to have variety and small enough to have a personal touch.
  • How much I learned and the traders I met. Have been communicating with a few regularly since the Forum
  • You'll have a great time, you get a wide variety of strategies from the presenters and you have the opportunity to meet other traders and take away their perspectives.
  • It's a great environment to learn something , even if you think you know plenty.
  • The advice is very personal, one can really get good understanding of concepts, a lot of presentations are really serious material and very well delivered.
  • Packed informational event with something to appeal to just about every trader
  • I already told a friend from Canada about this Forum - A MUST ATTEND
  • Great investment in their education!
  • Very valuable leaning experience and personal interaction with other traders and the guest lecturers is a good boost for starting or tweaking your current trading style.
  • It is well worth attending. Good value for the money.
  • It is worth the money.