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ETF Paycheck: Juice Your Profits Using Leveraged Exchange Traded Funds
By: Turner, Toni

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Item #: 9681125
Publisher: Marketplace Books
ISBN: 1592804233
Type: Video - DVD
Publish Date : 9/21/2010
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Leveraged ETFs are powerful new trading products that have traders and analysts scrambling to figure out how to best capitalize on this new frontier. Renowned trader and best-selling author Toni Turner brings you strategies to “juice” your profits with the hottest new weapon in the markets.

Since the leveraged ETF exaggerates the moves, it can do the same for your profits. But these are brand new and you also need to know how to avoid mistakes.

In this 90-minute DVD, Toni shares with you her years of experience trading ETFs, revealing secrets that only an expert could know. Not only does she explain how and when to trade leveraged ETFs, but also how to best protect your assets. Toni will cover the benefits of trading leveraged ETFs, and how using less cash can actually help you grab additional profits.

Toni breaks it down to the basics, from monitoring the underlying index to how the price of the leveraged fund moves. With her guidance, you will learn how to choose which ETFs are right for you and how to add their advantage to your trading plan.

Toni gives you the three strategies for profiting with leveraged ETFs that she uses to make it easier to succeed in the market. Now it takes even less to:

• Boost the profits from your long-term positions,
• Exploit major index strength as easily as trading a single stock, and
• Cash in on commodity upswings without buying any futures contracts.

Whether you are currently using ETFs or haven’t traded them yet, with the information presented by Toni in this brand new course you can quickly add them to your trading strategy to create your own ETF Paycheck.

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