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Basic Option Volatility Strategies
By: Natenberg, Sheldon

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Item #: 6091437
Pages: 176
Publisher: Marketplace Books
ISBN: 159280344X
Type: Book - Soft Cover
Publish Date : 3/26/2009
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Now you can learn directly from Sheldon Natenberg! In this unique multimedia course, Natenberg will explain the most popular option pricing strategies. Follow along as this trading legend walks you through the calculations and key elements of option volatility in this video, companion book, and self-test combination.


You'll learn:

Implied volatility and how it is calculated, so you can find the best positions;

What assumptions are driving an options pricing model to be ahead of
the trade;

Proven techniques for comparing price to value to increase your number
of winning trades;

How you can use probability to estimate option prices to increase trading income.

Spending time with a trading legend is usually a dream for most traders, but this is your opportunity to get the inside tactics of one of the most sought-after educators in options. With the personal touch of his presentation, Natenberg's educational tool gives all traders, beginner to advanced, access to the powerful insights that can bring ongoing option trading success. INCLUDES-Instant Access to Online Video, Interactive Tests, and Online Charts that you can use even before the book arrives.

(previously harcover Option Volatility Trading Strategy)

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Table of Contents:
Publisher's Preface vii
How to Use this Book ix
Meet Sheldon Natenberg xi
Chapter 1:
The Most Important Tool for any
Options Trader 1
Chapter 2:
Probability and Its Role in Valuing Options 9
Chapter 3:
Using Standard Deviation to
Assess Levels of Volatility 35
Chapter 4:
Making Your Pricing Model More Accurate 57
Chapter 5:
The Four Types of Volatility
and How to Evaluate Them 69
Chapter 6:
Volatility Trading Strategies 83
Chapter 7:
Theoretical Models vs the Real World 109
Appendix A:
Option Fundamentals 115
Appendix B:
A Basic Look at Black-Scholes 129
Appendix C:
Calendar Spread 133
Appendix D:
Greeks of Option Valuation 137
Appendix E:
Key Terms 141
Index 149

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