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Build Wealth in Any Market: How to create consistent, reliable income from the stock market
By: Jardine, Ross W.

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Item #: 5634667
Pages: 176
Publisher: Marketplace Books
ISBN: 1592803342
Type: Book - Hard Cover
Publish Date : 6/16/2008
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Learn how you can prosper in the face of a bear– and ride a bull to even greater profits.

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Jacket Description:
Savvy investors know that come bull, bear, or choppy market conditions, significant money can be made by applying the right methods, during the right market conditions. But how do you know what techniques to apply? And, more importantly, how do you recognize the type of market you’re in or if the trend will soon be shifting?

Let Ross Jardine, lay out a clear and concise plan for surviving and prospering in all markets, even the most volatile and unpredictable. His step by step approach will coach you in “income strategies” – ways to generate consistent and reliable income from your investments.

Inside this book, Ross reveals:

• Tools for dealing with the emotions of trading.

• Techniques for identifying trends and how to ake them part of your stock research and investment decisions.

• Key option strategies to enhance the profit potential of your stock holdings or to optimize their own use in both bull and bear markets.

• In-depth analysis of the collar strategy—how this tactic can both provide great protection and the potential to generate income.

With the powerful information inside Build Wealth in Any Market, you too can prosper in the face of a bear– and ride a bull to even greater profits.

From the Inside Flap:

Money can be made in any market. Now, this easy to understand guide for new and experienced traders hands you the techniques to build portfolio wealth. Ross Jardine details his approach for consistently increasing your winning trade percentage while favorably positioning your money for sharp turns in the market. Ross will walk you through how to read charts to confirm the trends, how to set up your trades with the best chance of success, and how to have a clear exit strategy to make sure you get out with the biggest gain and least risk.

Build Wealth in any Market provides you with:

• Confidence and focus to see income opportunities,
• Simple tools to see the trend and put you on the right side of the market to make money,
• Easy to implement option trading and short selling strategies that give you access to profits that many people never see,
• A powerful combination of trading tactics that position you to grab profits when the market turns,
• Multiple techniques that allow you to match your portfolio and trading style to the right strategy for boosting returns.

Now you can have the trading guide that will save you from paying painful tuition to the school of hard knocks. By bringing together the key elements of trading psychology, technical analysis, risk management, stock and options strategies, and clear exit strategies, this is one resource that can truly transform your trading.

About Ross Jardine:

Jardine has been an active investor since 1988 and is considered one of the innovators in the field of investor education. He has personally trained tens of thousands of individual investors how to manage their own personal investments using the tools and strategies he developed. Jardine has been a featured speaker at hundreds of investment seminars and conferences in dozens of countries around the world. He is the author of the book Bear Market Game Plan as well as dozens of training courses, seminars and video presentations on personal investing and option strategies. This book, Build Wealth in any Market, is the updated and revised third edition of the Bear Market Game Plan.

Jardine was one of the founding partners of Online Investors Advantage, which later became INVESTools Inc., and his courses and seminars have been sold under the INVESTools®, Business Week® Investor Workshops, CNBC® University, Nightingale-Conant® and Success Magazine® brands.

Jardine was one of the pioneers in ecommerce having founded one of the first successful online shopping sites (iMall) in 1994 that was later sold to Excite@Home. He created the first-ever website for the Super Bowl in 1995 and also developed online strategies for the Covey Leadership Center, Healthrider and a host of other companies.

Jardine is a graduate of Brigham Young University where he earned a BA in Public Relations (cum laude) with an emphasis on Business. Jardine lives in Alpine Utah with his wife Jamie and their four children. In addition to investing, Jardine enjoys playing golf, traveling with his family, and riding snowmobiles in the Utah backcountry.

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Table of Contents:
Table of Contents

Preface vii

Introduction xiii

Chapter 1 Don't Let the Bear Scare You | 1

Chapter 2 Emotions of Investing | 5

Chapter 3 The Trend is Your Friend | 15

Chapter 4 Risk Management | 39

Chapter 5 Understanding Options | 55

Chapter 6 Call Option Strategies | 71

Chapter 7 Put Option Strategies | 83

Chapter 8 Bearish Credit Spreads | 107

Chapter 9 Shorting Stocks | 115

Chapter 10 Hedging | 123

Chapter 11 Summary | 139

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From the Publisher:

“The keys to surviving and profiting in today's rapidly changing markets are now available to every trader and investor. Ross is a master at removing the unnecessary complexity many educators feel obligated to add to simple trading strategies. I haven't seen tactics this powerful in an explanation so easy to implement in any other book.”
- John Boyer, Vice President & General Manager of Traders' Library

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