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Covered Call Writing Today: Innovative Strategies & Simple Techniques (DVD)
By: Lehman, Rick

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Item #: 2242665
Minutes: 90
Publisher: Marketplace Books
ISBN: 1592801110
Type: Video - DVD
Publish Date : 4/1/2004
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Covered call writing has long been considered a secondary strategy by traders and professionals alike. Join Rick Lehman, professional options trader for nearly three decades and best-selling author as he debunks that myth in his new, eye-opening seminar. Discover a new look into the strategy that will have you boosting your investment performance. Find out why traders are making moves to implement covered call writing as an intermediate-term trading strategy today!

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Jacket Description:
A well-planned covered call writing program -- implemented on a month-to-month basis -- will consistently outperform a basic buy-and-hold stock strategy- and with far less risk, contends covered call veteran Rick Lehman. And, it will do so in both up and down markets. But - few training materials have been available to investors eager to include covered call writing in their trading arsenal.

Now, capture the power and profit of covered call writing by following the unique methods outlined in this one-of-a-kind presentation. Using 25+ years of experience, and results from more than a decade of testing on both the CBOE's Buy/Write Index and 20 individual stocks, Lehman illustrates exactly how covered call writing works, when you should write calls, when you shouldn't - and everything in between.

In step-by-step detail, Rick outlines basic concepts and innovative new approaches to covered call writing, including:

6 steps for structuring a winning trade
5 primary indicators that tell you when NOT to write a call
Selecting the right strike price for optimum covered call writing returns
Recognizing option pricing inconsistencies & selling overpriced contracts
Dealing with The Big C- key commission considerations
Using covered writing to tame the volatility in highly active stocks
Compounding returns by using margin on covered call positions

Plus advanced variations of covered call writing strategies, how to make adjustments that can turn a losing trade into a winner, the optimum time frame for using a covered call strategy, calculating the risk/reward scenario in a covered write, using the Buy/Write Index as a benchmark for trading performance, and so much more.

With full online support manual, this workshop is an invaluable eye-opener for anyone interested in finding new ways to lower market risk and consistently improve investment performance. It's also a great companion to Rick's bestselling book, New Insights on Covered Call Writing. See why trading experts like John Murphy call Rick's material "a great case for reading and writing - reading stock charts and writing covered calls."

Complete Online Support Manual available at:

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