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Keep your Trading Profits: Strategies from the Trader's Tax Coach
By: Hartmann, Harold

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Item #: 15843970
Minutes: 87
Publisher: Marketplace Books
ISBN: 15843970S1
Type: Video - Streaming
Publish Date : 2/15/2012
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Jacket Description:
Video Sneak Peek

Watch a clip on the amazing benefits of qualifying for Trader Tax Status!

Still giving away a ton of your trading profits to taxes?

It is time to educate yourself and start keeping your gains right where they belong—in your trading account. In this brand-new video course, the Trader's Tax Coach, Harold “Buddy” Hartmann, will guide you through the maze that is trader taxation with a simplified and practical step-by-step approach for achieving optimal tax status.

A certified public accountant as well as a certified financial planner, Buddy is also the President and CEO of Hartmann & Company, a professional group of trader tax specialists and has consulted thousands of traders at all levels, from the novice to some of the most sophisticated traders in the industry today.

The key is to achieve trader tax status—and Buddy will show you exactly what you need to do to qualify for the significant benefits available for your trading business. You'll find that many expenses—including your trading education, just like this very video—may qualify for a tax deduction.

Start watching now to learn:
· How to offset losses, handle wash sales, and incorporate mark-to-market accounting
· The most powerful tax elections for your own trading style
· How to treat futures and forex
· When you need to create an entity, what kind, and how to do it
· tips and tricks to retirement planning for traders

…all in order to maximize your trader tax savings to keep more of the profits you've earned from the markets. You deserve it.

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