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How to Trade Forex with the Elliott Wave Model: Lessons in Real-Time Trading
By: Martens, Jim

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Item #: 15578662
Minutes: 93
Publisher: Marketplace Books
ISBN: 15578662S1
Type: Video - Streaming
Publish Date : 3/21/2012

Jacket Description:
Have you always been interested in what the power of the Wave Principle can do for your trading—but perhaps a little intimidated by the technical jargon?

Are you a Forex trader looking to take your money-making abilities to the next level? (Imagine full-time profits from part-time trading…)

Well, it's finally here: the 90-minute course that will help you to unlock the “mystery” of Elliott Wave analysis, with specific application techniques for today's Forex markets.

Jim Martens, Senior Forex Analyst at Elliott Wave International, Inc., and editor of The International Currencies Specialty Service and Global Market Perspective, shows you just how simple the Wave Principle is. This is nothing earth-shattering, nothing proprietary—just three rules and a handful of guidelines will reveal:

· The market patterns that create a road map to profits,
· How to turn that map into a forecasting tool; developing strategies around future expectations based on a very simple pattern
· The signals that show when a trend change may be underway—and how to get in before anyone else knows it's happening
· Why you do not need to worry about the news

· The one—and only—indicator to pair with Elliott Wave for maximum increase to your bottom line

It really can be as simple as counting to three and saying your ABC's—making money from the markets has never been this easy, so watch today and watch your Forex account multiply tomorrow!

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