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Poker, Sex & Dying: Inside the Mind of a Gambler
By: Anderson, Juel E.

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Item #: 1557686
Pages: 296
Publisher: Marketplace Books
ISBN: 1592800556
Type: Book - Soft Cover
Publish Date : 5/30/2003
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Unmask your opponents as you discover the psychological and competitive advantage you'll have when you learn how to get inside your opponent's head. Discover the 13 personality traits that will give you the much sought after edge at the poker table! One of the most influential books on game theory available today, this guide is a must read for all players.

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Jacket Description:
The classic guide for winning at poker is back in print - and better than ever! Praised by poker experts and aficionados for years, Poker, Sex & Dying trained scores of high-stakes champions to play poker better - by learning to “play” people. The pros swear by Anderson's poker “Bible.” From page one, you'll recognize the character types Anderson identifies - because you've sat across the poker table from them before! Now - face them with confidence, as you use the tips, strategies and player profiles Anderson highlights to beat them in the mind game of poker - time after time.

Discover 13 key personality traits that will give you a big advantage in any match.
Anderson's simple-talking style helps you unmask your opponents and gain a huge psychological/competitive edge over them, by getting inside their head. You'll learn to read their gestures and movements, unmask their weaknesses and have a clear picture of:

· Who they are
· What they want
· What causes their action
· How they bluff
· How they tilt
· The risk they're willing to take
· And the punishment you can give back!

Still one of the most influential books on game theory available today, this top guide is a must-read for all players - from novice to veteran. Be the master of every match - when you learn the art of “Poker, Sex & Dying.”

Poker player's are raving:
“This is one of my favorite books and favorite titles... the minute I started reading it, I was able to identify traits of people I competed against regularly... I took advantage of my new knowledge and beat one of those people at the final table of a small tournament!”

“The book provides a variety of different personality profiles and discusses how these personality types might perform at the poker table… all serious players should read it.”

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Table of Contents:
Gamblers I've Known 1
Welcome 7
Introduction 17
In The Beginning 29
The Adventurer 59
The Aggressive 75
The Co-Dependent 93
The Eccentric 105
The Emotional 125
The I-Dominant 139
The Loner 167
The Masochist 181
The Reflective 191
The Theatrical 207
The Underachiever 221
The Vigilant 239
The Worker Moralist 265
In The End 285

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