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Credit Spreads and Iron Condors: New Tactics to Collect Premium and Lower Risk
By: Kearney, Marty

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Item #: 12356957
Minutes: 79
Publisher: Marketplace Books
ISBN: 1592804780
Type: Video - Streaming
Publish Date : 2/2/2011
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Jacket Description:
Using examples featuring current market conditions, Marty clearly illustrates how the credit spread or the iron condor can be affected by market variables such as:
• Volatility,
• Time decay, and
• The “Greeks.”
With the comprehensive online support manual, Marty walks you through the calculations for minimum risk and margin requirement. He’ll explain the tradeoffs and the pros and the cons of each strategy. He’ll show you how to manage your position, and even share with you a bonus strategy—the skip-strike butterfly, an alternative strategy that, like the other two, will allow you to limit risk while collecting premium.

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