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Tax-Smart Investing: Maximizing Your Client's Profits
By: Weissman, Stewart J.; Westhem, Andrew D.

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Guides you through the mine field of tax consequences on a wide range of investment vehicles and offers practical, proven methods to minimize the tax burden of investment earnings. A must for evaluating the best investment vehicles for clients.

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Jacket Description:
Protect your client's assents with this powerful array of proven tax-minimizing strategies

In Tax-Smart Investing, tax and investment experts Andrew Westhem and Stewart Weissman reveal tactics and strategies they have used to protect their thousands of affluent clients from asset-draining tax assessments. On a wide range of investment vehicles - from mutual funds to modified endowment contracts - they show you how to avoid the hidden traps of the tax collector and give your clients the full benefit of their investment earnings.

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Table of Contents:
Roll Your Own: Directly Owned Stocks and Bonds.

Marvelous Munis: The Allure of Tax-Exempt Bonds.

Defer and Conquer for Employees: Make the Most of 401(k)s and IRAs.

Lapping Up the Lion's Share for Employers: Choosing Among Retirement Plans.

Putting the Tax Collector on Hold: Fixed Annuities for Tax Deferral.

Hanging Up on the IRS: Permanent Life Insurance as a Tax Shelter.

Gains Without Pain: Dodging the Mutual Fund Trap.

Mutual Funds Now, Taxes Later: Variable Annuities Can Enrich Your Retirement.

Mutual Funds Now, Taxes Never: Variable Life Insurance Makes Taxes Disappear.

Heads You Win, Tails You Don't Lose: Modified Endowment Contracts for You and Your Heirs.

Real Shelters: The Payoff in Property Ownership.

Blasts from the Past: Partnerships That Still Provide Shelter.

Inside or Out?: Dividing a Portfolio Between Taxable and Tax-Deferred Accounts.

Truly Tax-Free: Avoiding Estate Tax As Well As Income Tax.

Trust Me On This: Sophisticated Asset Protection Strategies.



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